This team needs no introduction! Wait… One of them DOES need an introduction. That little guy on the left? It’s  Nico… and this is the first time he’s been on this blog. 😀 Though for Melanie and Adam, this is their 5th official time here. Engagement (it’s no longer viewable on the blog… had to clear up space years ago), wedding, maternity, family and now family again. 😀 (and that’s not counting the 4 other wedding blog entries they’ve appeared in as wedding party members & guests)

How is it after having two children (one of them less than a year ago!) you still have this bangin’ body?!  Oh, and many of you know Melanie simply as “Hot Pink Fishnets”… as that’s the name she still comments as. 😉

OH how I adore this team!Hey Adam, how nice that your socks are coordinated with Melanie’s dress! You so would…
Uhm, ARE YOU KIDDDDDING me with that little bow tie?! Lookin’ JUST like his handsome daddy!Loving their big smiles!One of my favorites! ❗
Then they switched into something more colorful and we headed to the park. 🙂Mike’s favorite! ❓…and my other favorite. ❗ This NEEDS to be a huge canvas in Nico’s room. NEEEEEDS TO BE!!!!!

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Cincinnati, Ohio

melanie+adam  ::  married 5 years  •  9.21.07

How they met, as told by Melanie  :: 10yrs ago during Photo class in College. Wah wah, I know. It’s like the beginning of a chick flick. He wouldn’t stop picking the enlarger next to me and accccidentally groping me when I walked past him in the dark room. I finally gave in.

Melanie  ::  photographer, kid wrangler  •  hometown – Cincinnati.  ::  five words – Beautiful. Colorful. Talented. Selfless. And beautiful. 

Adam  ::  graphic designer, photographer  •  hometown – Cincinnati.  ::  five words – The. Coolest. Person. I. Know.

Nori  ::  2 years old  •  born 12.20.09  ::  five words – Two going on twenty five.

Nico  ::  11 months  •  born 11.29.11  ::  five words – Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. 

 Your perfect Saturday  ::  Sleeping in til 10. Going to the park for a couple hours. Coming home and napping. Having dinner made for us while someone else cleans and does our laundry. Watching a movie on the couch while eating ice cream. Then sleeping through the night without anyone waking each other up.

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Still warming up to me…
Damn Mike… that’s a fiiiiiiine uhm…. key ring you have! ….and then I melted into one zillion pieces!

[br] [br] [br] Team Pace, we adore you. Duhtown.

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br] [br] [br] [br]