Right before this session, Heather Cole was screen sharing with me so that I could see her monitor while she was editing… and we could hear each others voices.  Yes yes yes, the world of Mac is awesome.  Anyway… I watched her post process a bunch of images for her blog for about an hour and we brainstormed ideas.  If you know anything about Heather's style… you know that it's very sexy, romantic, fun, fashiony, etc.  I think that you can clearly tell that I was inspired by her here.
After I took this one, I overheard Meg say to Jerry… "that's my favorite so far!" So, thanks Heather for inspiring me to take Meg's favorite photo 😀
Yummy light!
My view.
Mikey's view.
I LOVE this
Is this a Firebird or Camaro?  A favorite ❗
At the end of our session… Mike and I went searching for the perfect spot of sun while Meg and Jerry followed.  About 5 minutes outside of the city… we found it 🙂   Here it was… and it was PERFECTO!  
Mikey's view.
 Mine. 🙂  This is one of our favorite photos ever. ❗ + ❓
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Meg contacted us a long time ago asking if we could photograph her wedding.  We were already booked 🙁 She said… well if we can't have you for our wedding, we'll have you for our engagement session 😀  So, we made it happen!  Meg's a graphic designer, too 🙂  We all know that we LOOOOOOOVE photographing graphic designers!!!!
These two are SO perfect for each other.  Meg's sweet and carefree.  Jerry is easygoing and loving.  When they're together, they're all smiles… all of the time. 😀 And they're also REALLY easy to photograph 🙂 
Have an AWESOME wedding you two… I'm a bit jealous of your photographer because I KNOW your day is going to be AMAAAAAAZING!!!!!
~ bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓
❗ happy happy happy! ❓