Because it's my blog and I can… I'm starting it off with our favorite ❗ + ❓ ARE YOU KIDDDDDING ME WITH THOSE GREEN EYES?! SEEEEERIOUSLY!!!!!! Meghan, you're flippin' beautiful!!!!


 Nothing like a little hippie artwork…




 Matt, you're the coolest of the cool.


Meghan famously refers to him as, "tall, dark and yummy"



 Okay okay… I'm sort of obsessed with this car, don't be mad.








 Yeah, I was obsessed with her eyes. She said she tried something a little different with her make up… whatever it was, wear it like that ALL of the time… BOOM BOOM POW!!!


Indianapolis, Ind. Meghan is a photographer in Peoria, Ill.  When we met with her, it was JUST as our little holiday card article was published in Professional Photographers magazine.  She just HAPPENS to subscribe.  About ten minutes into our meeting, she busts out the issue with us in it.  Uhm, I felt like Britney Spears.  Okay, not THAT big of a deal… but whatever… it was neat. 🙂

Meghan and I are quite alike. Our voices, our sense of humor, our wit, our realness (is that a word), our amazing personalities, our humbleness, okay… now I'm just being silly. But, really… we're two peas in a pod (when did I turn into an old lady and start using cheesy statements like that?!).  And on THAT note… it only makes sense our men are alike, too. They're patient, hilarious, go with the flow, laid back guys who like to shop at Express for their button up shirts because they're more tailored and don't fit like a "garbage bag".  Yep! Say it aint so?!

See you 10.17.09 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



❗ + ❓