See the tattoo? The other hand says "K-I-N-G" So fun… 😀


 i LOVE how happy she is here! For you out there who've seen the "veil" moment before… this is the "OH MY GOSH… I'M REALLY A BRIDE" face 😀





 MEGHAN! You were a STUNNING bride! 😀


 2 guesses as to what I was saying here… first one doesn't count 😀




 This placed used to be an orphanage… 


 For the record, it wasn't our idea for them to climb that wall… but when they did… I wasn't mad about it! 😀


 You're handsome Matt. 😀  BTW, for you Colts fans out there… doesn't Matt look like Dallas Clark?!




 GAH! I love this! 😀 Meet Meghan's dad…


 Trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on in the lobby…


 This was the face he made RIGHT before she walked down the aisle. Mikey's favorite ❓


 These little ones COULD NOT sit still… the one almost looking at us… she kept sliding down the stairs belly first… you can guess what her dress was doing! 😀





 I kept singing, "I stop to see a weeping willow… crying on it's pillow… maybe it's crying for meeeeee" if you know what that is, I'm impressed! 😀 Also… if you know what that is… I bet your mom is just like mine! Anyway… Mike, of course, would make smartass comments like, "ohhh… not only is she a photographer, she's quite melodious, too!"




 Canvas? Yes.


 LOVE the vintage feel of this! For you photographers out there… I have three words, "EMBRACE THE GRAIN!" I don't understand why so many are scared of it… I LOVE how classic photos like this are… Just sayin'. My favorite ❗


 Meghan and Matt have two wiener dogs… so THIS was their cake topper. (BTW, that might be the first time I've ever used the word "wiener" on our blog 🙂 )




 and yes yes yes… the newest craze in wedding receptions… THE PHOTO BOOTH!


NORMAL, Ill.  Meghan and Matt are such the perfect couple… I say that because, as I wrote in their engagement entry… their relationship is VERY similar to Mike and I! So, yes yes yes… of course I think it's perfect!  She's fiesty, hilarious and full of personality!  Matt… he's a go-with-the-flow, patient, ridiculously sweet guy.  See! Don't those characteristics remind you of us?! Well, if you know us. 😀 Meghan has her own photography biz and Matt second shoots. At one point (the sun was pretty much gonezo) I was moving at lightning speed… and when I'm in that mode Mike knows EXACTLY what I need before I even ask for it, and he's usuallly RIGHT there waiting with it 😀 OH he's the BEST BEST BEST second shooter in the worrrrrld! Anyway…  As Meghan was watching these exchanges she said, "it's like I'm looking at us!"

Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing! From the well-planned details, the hilarious bridal party, the family that loves them SO much, to the perfect timeline… everything was awesome. 😀

Meghan and Matt… thank you thank you thank you for EVERYTHING!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. These two got married in October. SEE! Told you that October was the month for Meghan/Megan and Matts! 🙂 

Yep, it's that time.  Click here for their slide show.  The user name is Meghan's maiden name and the password is Matt's last name.  You'll find a link to the full gallery on the slide show page as well.  Enjoy!




 I'm only showing you this one because… in my OH SO humble opinion… I was having an amazing hair day! 😀 


 CAPTION THIS PHOTO! I don't remember what we were saying here… but the looks on our faces are hilarious to me!






Bobbi's pretty dancing face strikes again!

It appears that I'm getting funky with the groom… however…  Yes, I'm THAT short… and yes, he's THAT tall… 😀

❗ + ❓