Megan has the BLUUUUUUEST eyes in the world!  Oh, and meet Nancy… she did an AMAZING job on everyone's makeup!  HI HI HI NANCY!
















Megan's bridesmaids = HOT TAMALES!






I love that the only person who's not looking at the camera is the mom of the flower girl.   It's my favorite thing about this image 🙂





 Okay okay… I went a little OTT with the bridesmaids photos but AYKM?! They WORKED IT OUTTTT! PS. HOW CUUUUTE are their shoes?!






In the midst of photo time… it POURED rain… so, this was taken under an awning in the back yard of her parents house.






Watching a funny YouTube Price is Right clip…






Doesn't he look like he should be cast as the next Super Man?!  OH SO HANDSOME!  Man oh man I LOOOOVE men in tuxes!!!!!!!























Right before the walk down the aisle.  Mikey's favorite ❓






 Isn't it gorgeous?
















The happy couple!











I love this image.  






















 My favorite ❗












Dad's speech… here, he's showing Shawn how to dance.






A lit
tle YMCA action…





CINCINNATI, Ohio.  Megan and Shawn… what a perfect-for-each other couple!  And how lucky were we that they asked us to capture their day?! 

HOW MUCH FUN DID WE HAVE AT THIS WEDDING?! LOADS OF FUN!!!!! (Okay okay… that was a redundant question, and I still answered myself… GAH!) Megan and Shawn's friends and family are such an amazing group… it was so great spending the day with them.  Man oh man, we love Friday weddings… I don't know what it is about them… we just love them!  (we had a Friday wedding ourselves!)

As I mentioned earlier, it rained and rained and RAAAAAAINED… I mean, it rained BUCKETS! Megan and Shawn took it like champs though… they didn't allow it to ruin their day.  And… just as our weatherman Mikey predicted, it quit raining right before their ceremony ended… which gave us JUST enough time to get some photos of the bridal party and OH SO in love bride and groom… 😀 YEAHHHHH, MIKEY TO THE RESCUUUUUUE! 😀

We got to the reception when Megan informed us all that her seamstress told her that because her dress was lace… it was unbustleable. I know that's not a word… whateva.  What does unbustleable mean?! It SUPPOSABLY can't be bustled.  WHAT?! Now… I've NEVER heard of a dress that can't be bustled!!!!! (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!) So, with six safety pins and RIGHT before she was announced at her reception… I CREATED a bustle in about 5 minutes… I'm not going to lie… I'm quite proud of my handy work!  Go back up there in this blog post and look at the "INTRODUUUUUCING" photo to see it.  🙂  

Megan and Shawn (and Debbie, too) thank you SO much for EVERYTHING!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Viola!  A little slide show action anyone?  click here!  The user name is Megan's maiden name, and the password is Shawn's last name, in all lower case.

Also…Megan and Shawn's full gallery may be seen by clicking here!  The event key is Shawn's last name.


In this photo… we're like Spy vs. Spy from Mad Magazine. HA!  😀





just call me [b]obbi 😉




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