Meet the ridiculously fun & good looking duo of Megan and Joey.
We love love love when couples make their engagement sessions personal. In their case… beer! 😉 In other news… Eli Manning and Reese Witherspoon are getting marrrrrrried! 😉Oh man, I dig this couple big time! Thanks for being down with my weird ideas. As for the guy painted on the wall… that’s Indianapolis-born writer and humanist Kurt Vonnegut. 🙂We had so much fun at this session! SO much. 🙂
I seriously can’t get over how much they look like Reese and Eli… for REAL! Okay, I’ll shush about it…Hellooooo pretty sunlight. 😀
Crazy long legs and sitting cross legged is quite the feat. Good work Joey. 🙂Get it girl! 😀

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  7.14.11  •  Engaged  ::  11.22.12  •  Wedding  ::  11.23.13

Megan  ::  Media Coordinator at sports marketing agency  •  Hometown  •  Greenwood, Ind.  ::   five words  •  fun loving, my better half (according to Joey)

Joey   ::  Sales Rep – Guinness  •  Hometown  •  Greenwood, Ind.  ::   five words  •  hilarious, handsome, loyal, thoughtful, supportive (according to Megan)

How they met, as told by Megan ::  Neither of us remember the exact moment we met. It was probably at some point in 6th or 7th grade. We were friends in high school and went to our junior prom together. But the real sparks flew when we both went to Dave and Busters with a few mutual friends the summer after we graduated college. He was so funny and cute, so I asked him to hang out a couple days later, and here we are!


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I’m not tryin’ to brag but… when I was much younger and thinner I too was often told I resembled Reese Witherspoon. 😉 It helped of course that the movie Election came out my senior year of high school and I was heavily involved in student council. I mean, let’s be honest… that movie was a loose representation of my entire senior year. 😉 I mean… I’m just sayin’. 😉Mr. Flexxxxxible!
I’m so expressive… and quite difficult to photograph candidly because of it. I seriously look like I’m about to cut someone! 🙂

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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