Megan & Joey
Indianapolis, Ind.

I’ve only seen this one other time… and I think it’s genius! All of the bridesmaids created a “spread” for a scrapbook filled with photos of their memories with her. They gave it to her the morning of her wedding 😀 On the right… that’s mom. 🙂See that little pin on the left? On Joey’s side of the family, many generations of women have worn it on their wedding day. For their reception, they added a basketball arcade game… it was quite the hit! However, the guys opted to have it in their getting ready room before the reception.
Meanwhile… Megan’s mom delicately places the aforementioned pin. They did a first look and we were off to shoot some portraits.
This wedding was unseasonably cooolllllldddd! As in 11° windchill cold! When I asked her if she still wanted to do some portraits outdoors, it was a no-brainer!  We really do have the most amazingly laid-back brides in Indianapolis. 😀

Sidenote: I just checked the time stamps and it looks like we shot all of the outdoor bride and groom portraits in eight minutes. Yet another reason why an engagement session is invaluable!  We’re all able to work much faster if we’ve all done this before. 😉See the SNOW?! This was, needless to say, the last portrait we took before heading back in to warm up. Then it was wedding party time. First up… the bridesmaids!

I lined up them up in the hotel lobby… got them in order and gave them a quick briefing on what they’d be doing in the short time we were outdoors. I just checked the timestamps and I’m not lying to you when I say we took all bridesmaids photos in 34 SECONDS! The first shot was at 4:05.44. The last shot was at 4:06.18. That’s definitely a record! Now mind you, there are only eight images but nonetheless… oh so impressive ladies! I tell you what, this couldn’t have happened with a better group… everyone was so attentive and kind. Thank you guys for getting it. Fo’real!Then we all headed back in and I did the same with the groomsmen… a quick briefing in the lobby and out we went! Alright… heading off to check time stamps now… be right back.

Okay, back. 😉 First one was shot at 4:08.36. The last one was at 4:10.17.  One minute and forty one seconds. Delivering 13 images. BADABOOM BADABING! Oh hey look… Eli Manning with his offensive line standing in front of the Colts Lucas Oil Stadium. Random. 😉Then… you guessed it… back into the lobby we went to warm up for a minute… get a quick briefing… and the full wedding party was out.the.door!

First image 4:16.53. Last image 4:18.40. One minutes and forty seven seconds. 14 wedding party images delivered. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is blowing my mind as I look at these time stamps. Team Megan and Joey you guys were wedding party rockstars! …back into the lobby we went. 😉Ceremony time. 🙂 Someone asked me recently what my favorite parts of a wedding are… and I have a few. 🙂 My answers. 1) The few minutes right before a bride walks down the aisle… the nerves and emotion are at their highest point. 2) The bride & groom just recessed down the aisle. There’s about a ten second period before anyone else has had a chance to interrupt their newlywed bliss… I always follow and they rarely notice me there… the excitement, love and pure joy that I witness is just so awesome. 🙂 3) A guilty pleasure… I love love love watching those slideshows that sometimes play during dinner of them growing up. 4) The father/daughter dance. 🙂 For those who have been reading this blog for a while those answers shouldn’t surprise you… images from those moments (minus the slideshow) are often featured. 🙂
Their ceremony was beautiful.
Strike that. Their ceremony was jaw-droppingly-gorgeous! My favorite. ❗
Kiss de girl! Sha la la la la la!….and kiss de girl again! 😉Every toast was perfect!Sorority traditions. 🙂 Chi Omega, right? 😀
Our favorite wedding band… Zanna Dooooo! I wonder where Megan learned those cool dance moves? OH?! That’s her dad in the photo on the right you say? OHHHHH… well that explains evvvverything! 😉 For real though… I think Michael was the dancingest father of the bride we’ve ever seen at any wedding… and that’s sayin’ something, we’ve photographed a LOT of dads! 😀When they announced the garter toss Joey was nowhere to be found! Well there you are! SO much is happening in this image!
My view. What an incredible day it was. 🙂

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Indianapolis, Ind.

hair  •  Edit Salon
makeup  •  Casey Green
florist  •   JP Parker
videographer  •  Rewind Documentaries 
ceremony & reception venue  •  Union Station
band  •  Zanna Doo
cake  •  Classic Cakes

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their songs

recessional  •  All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
wedding party  •  The Final Countdown – Europe
bride & groom • Scream & Shout – featuring Britney Spears (We actually totally forgot about picking out a song for the intros until about an hour before the wedding. So superwoman Bobbi stepped up and picked out a song for us!)
first dance  •  Sea Breeze – Tyrone Wells
father/daughter  •  My Wish – Rascal Flatts
mother/son  •  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Rod Stewart



 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Megan:   There were so many great moments in the day – it’s hard to pick just one. But crowd surfing during the last song was coolest thing I’ve ever done. Thanks Joey for jumping first! 🙂

Joey: Megan and I had hoped and dreamed for a wedding that would be a great party people will talk about for years. I’d say we achieved that based ending the night with the band closing down Union Station and with us crowd surfing!

[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Megan:  Have fun! It’s the greatest day of your life, so relax and take time to enjoy each and every second. You spend months and months planning all these little things, and it all happens so fast. Stop. Look around. Smile, and take it all in. And hiring a bomb-ass photography team that you can be yourself around and who like to have fun just as much as you is a MUST! We couldn’t have had a better time with Bobbi (and the fun peeps at Rewind.)

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Megan:  Request a wake-up call from the front desk of the hotel for the next morning.

Joey: Order more Guinness. We tapped the keg 40 minutes in to the cocktail hour.

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We made our flight (thankfully) to Riviera Maya, Mexico and had a great time.


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See me back there? Standing behind Ben (the videographer)? Yep! There I am! He says I’m easy to shoot beside because I’m short. There are very few benefits to being vertically challenged… so anytime I hear one I want to shout it from the rooftops! SO far here’s what I’ve got. 1) Commercial air travel. I can stand up in most commercial airliners while still at my seat. I’ve never banged my head on the low ceiling.  Also, while seated I still have plenty of leg room! 2) Safety.  When falling I don’t have as far to travel to the ground, thus preventing greater injury. 3) Crowd navigation. I’m not quite sure why but I’ve noticed that short people can navigate through large crowds faster than our tall counterparts. 4) Compact. I can fit into small places… if only I could lose these last 25 damn pounds. 😉 And now a new one for the list… 5) Not in the way. Videographers like to work with me because they shoot over my head. My loud mouth on film though… now that’s a different story! 😉 BADABOOM BADABING! Testing my light. Ben was standing nearby…. soooo… he’ll do. 😉Setting up family photos and testing light. We were clearly quite happy to comply! 😀 Side note: I look like Ed Grimley I must say!  Come on… give me a break… you don’t know who Ed Grimley is?!  He’s the SNL character portrayed by Martin Short who played the triangle! It’s alllll coming back to you now I suppose?! You know, I look like I’ve gone completely mental I must say! (If you laughed at any of that, we’ll be best friends forever I must say!)These two guys were having a dance off in the mirror… and how else do you photograph a dance off in the mirror… by photographing the mirror… duh… 😉

Megan, Joey and family… thanks for asking us to document your wedding. It was truly an honor and a privilege… I must say! 😉

Much love friends!