Meet Maura.  She thinks I'm funny  🙂






 Need I say more?!?! CHA CHA CHA!






Gavin, their son was a FASSSSST young man… Maura had to chase him to fix his hair.  Needless to say, she's fast, too 😀






Hm… testing his climbing abilities? Maybe?  Or uhm…  😉











Writing her letter to Greg. 🙂











the bling!






At least ONE of them laughs at my HILARIOUS jokes!  Hey, you can't win 'em all.  











 SMOOOOOKIN!  This was RIGHT across from the hotel where the limo was picking us up… we ran over there and grabbed them really quickly.  The driver thought we were insane.  He said, in a really snarky voice, "what is so cool about the ENTER/EXIT sign?!"  






The light was GORRRRRGEOUS!











 Remember how big the world looked when you were a kid?










 Their ceremony was perfect in EVERY way!






















Neat huh?  We think so!






Maura's only requested photo. 🙂  She told us a couple of months ago that nearly every bride/groom she knew who were married downtown Chicago had gotten their photo taken there… so, she wanted to, too 😀  The night before their wedding, we scoped out the area… afterall, a photo with cars zooming by isn't something that we've done before.  So, as we were out there checking it all out… we saw THREE other bride/grooms with their photographers waitng in line.  So clearly… it's a must-take shot for all Chicago couples 🙂  We were curious and watched the other photographers methods…  All of them used a flash and shot it from a distance.   I was determined to get a tighter shot, sans flash with a tripod.  And… DID! 😀 And… it's one of our favorite photos of all time.  Right after I took this I started jumping up and down because I KNEW we NAILED it 😀  There's no shame in confidence 🙂  Thanks SO much to Maura for requesting this one 🙂 YAHOOOOSKI!!!! FAAAAAVORITE ❗ + ❓





















 Maura's dad is a drummer in a band!  Couldn't help himself and had to sit for a set!   He drummed to "Sweet Home Indiana" 🙂  I was sitting RIGHT in front of those drums 😉










This was a surprise for Greg. 🙂  As they were heading out he sees this and looks over at Maura… "What is this?! I LOVE horsies!" Her response, "I know you do!"




Chicago, Ill.  Where to begin!?  Maura and Greg have been waiting for this day for a LONG time.  They have a 2 year old son named Gavin who's cute as can be.  Finally, the stars aligned, and they were able to put together a wedding that was just right for them.

We loved getting to know them, their friends and families… they really surround themselves with awesome people.  The morning with the girls was full of both laughter and tears.  The guys were, as you can tell… a little more relaxed 🙂 I love wedding days, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 

The ceremony couldn't have been more perfect.  The park was great, the weather cooperated, and they wrote their own vows.  We LOOOOOOOVE personalized ceremonies!!!!!! When their son Gavin came down the aisle, Greg gave him one of the biggest hugs in the world.  Greg and Maura are some of the most loving parents ever! The pastor really made their ceremony about them… which was AWESOME 🙂  He asked each of them to send him an email explaining what they loved about each other.  He incorporated everything that they said into their ceremony.  So yes, more laughter and more tears.  

Maura did an amazing job with every single detail…. she's an event planner herself so her organization skills REALLY showed through that day. Not ONE thing was overlooked and it all went amazingly.

Reception…from photo booths to dad playing the drums, to crazy dancing, to an awesome slideshow of the bride's and groom's history together, this was a genuinely personalized and fun reception!  And Maura's dad… this man doesn't just play the drums, he OWNS them!   Oh, and we can't not mention Greg's speech about how HOT Maura is. 🙂 He made it clear that he's "READY TO MAKE MORE BABIES!" 😉

Thanks for EVERYTHING you guys!!!!! EVERYTHINNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!



~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Hey dudes!  Their slide show is up!  Click here!  The user name is Maura's maiden name, and the password is Greg's last name in all lower case.  

Also, their entire gallery is viewable by clicking here.  The event key is Greg's last name.








I'M A PHOTO TIGERRRRR! Okay, that was stupid… but it made me laugh 🙂









  ❗ + ❓