Krissy V did some of the most beautiful makeup I’ve seen.  But yes yes yes, she had a GORGEOUS palette to work with.


I seriously could have photographed bridals of her all day. AYKM?! gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

Another new favorite color palette… gray and yellow 🙂

Oh hello there handsome men 🙂 …wa wa wa waitttttt… am I seeing doubles???


YES YES YES… I AM SEEING DOUBLES!!!! AHHHHH I LOOOOOVE IDENTICAL TWINNNNNNS!!!!! Meet Geoff’s twin brother Brian 🙂 Oh, and get this 🙂 Marjie’s a fraternal twin. How flipping cool is that?! Twins… marrying… TWINS! One more thing… Brian married a Marcie. So… just to keep things easy on the brothers… they have wives whose names rhyme. 😉

This was the second time I’ve seen this… and I think it’s genius 🙂 The bride & groom were the Eucharistic ministers…. (along with the priest, of course). BTW… that’s Brian, not Geoff 😉

I could NOT resist the “EVERYDAY TAMALES” !!!

Wow to this sexiness. I mean, WOW. WOWOWOWOW!

I’m not one for the cliche jumping shot… but I’m a fan of this 🙂

Taken with the 45mm 2.8 TS lens. Mike…. nice work 🙂

SO much colorful amazingness in Whiting Indiana!

ONE OF MY FAAAAAAVORE BB+MK PHOTOS OF ALLLLL TIIIIIIME!!!! Top five material here. Yeah, that’s serious. My favorite ❗ and his too ❓

Yes, that’s a real bird 🙂 This little guy along with another bird sat on the seat assignment table and flew around their cage. Marjie was going for a garden chic theme… and I think she nailed it. 🙂

Geoff’s twin brother busted out his planner from high school (where Marjie and Geoff both attended… but didn’t start dating until their 10 year HS reunion) during the best man speech… where it had only ONE name and phone number written in the contacts… Marjie’s. HILARIOUS! No one remembered that ever happening… to include Brian and Marjie!  I guess when Mom was going through old stuff recently, she found that planner and was flipping through where she found Marjie’s name. IT WAS HILARIOUS! His brother said (and I’m completely paraphrasing here), “Now, you may have gotten the girl… but it seems that I was first!” I’m doing this story ZERO justice… but I assure you… it was very funny 😀 

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! See me there on the right? I didn’t notice I was there until I picked it out for a blog photo. It seems that the guy behind me wasn’t a fan of me cutting through the dance floor. The look on his face is priceless. BUSTED!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

love. love. love.




wedding planner/florist: Virtuous Events
makeup: Krissy V
church: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
videographer: Studio This Is
reception venue: Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza
band:  Standing Room Only
cake:  Cakes by Karen
trolley:  Elegant Trolley
bridesmaids dresses:  Alfred Sung
bridesmaids jewelry: Tracy Falda, Inc.




their songs:

First dance: “Just the Way You Are” – Billy Joel
Father Remembrance Dance: “Crazy” – Patsy Cline
Mother/Son: “In My Life” – The Beatles
Bridal Party Introductions: “Let My Love Open the Door” – Pete Townshend
Bride/Groom Entrance:  “Tik Tok” – Keisha
Bridal Party Dance: “September” – Earth, Wind, & Fire



What was the most memorable moment of your day?
Marjie: walking down the aisle with my mom and seeing geoff for the first time that day.  🙂
Geoff: having all the important people in our lives, together at once!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Sending Michelle, the Maid of Honor, back up the stairs “for the 3rd time!!” while getting ready, the horrible jokes made by the driver on the way to church,  shoving a Special K bar down the bride’s throat, trying not to step in bird poop while jumping for pics, the band playing “Poker Face,” watching everyone on the dance floor!!!!!!!!!   🙂

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
We wish we could have sit and talked with every single guest for 30 minutes each!!  The day just flew by!!

What was your weirdest wedding purchase?
2 canary’s and bags of Funyuns

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Maui, Hawaii!!   So wonderful!!!   …watch for us in the movie, “Just Go With It,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler… they filmed at our resort the entire time… we may be in the background… hahaha!  🙂



What was our favorite part of the day?
1) I loved taking bridals of Marjie in her room she had while growing up. 2) The moment with her mom right before she walked Marjie walked down the aisle.  3) knowing the second I grabbed that seagull shot that I nailed it 😉 4) talking with Geoff on the long trolley ride.  5) when Brian busted out that planner during his best man speech. 😀
Guys are so predictable.  In a great example of solid wedding day logistics, the emergency kits were clear tubs and were packed in a “unisex” fashion.  “Tampax” was easily the most visible item included.  As we’re walking from the hotel room to the bus, the guy carrying it notices I’m being obvious trying to get a photo with men in tuxes carrying a bright blue Tampax box.  The tub gets passed.  The next guy notices…tub is passed again, and again…turned and switched between hands.  All silently, but everyone knows what’s going down.  They’re not going to be the one photographed with a big box of Tampax!  So…I did have to settle for a trailing, faceless shot of an arm, a tux and some tampons.  Groomsmen 1, Mike 0.


~bobbi+mike :!: + :?:


Whenever I see photos of myself like this I can’t help but think of The Jerk. You know, “and that’s all I need…” I’ve got my 5D and my other 5D and that’s all I need! 😀 Oh, and if you haven’t seen this movie…. RENT IT TOMORROW!!!!! It’s in second place for my favorite movie of all time. 🙂 Can you guess which one is my number 1?

GET DOWN ON IT!!!!! 😀 PS. I TOTALLY need a new dancing face. I look ridiculous. Luckily for me… I’m a MUCH better photographer than I am a dancer!

❗ + ❓