When Marcy suggested that we photograph their engagement session at her parent’s property in Southern Indiana, we were hype. 🙂On the right… my view. Here… Mike’s view. He won. Damnit. This is one of my favorites. ❗The leaves this perfect shade of fall only last for about two weeks in the whole year. In other words, this session couldn’t have been timed more perfectly!Ohhhhh youuuuu twooooo…
I found these roots to be so beautiful… you know… in a Tim Burton kind of way.
On the left, my other favorite. ❗ Mike’s too. ❓They’re perfect for each other. Absolutely perfect. Ohhhh falllll….. Wacky Mike brought along his tilt shift lens.  How attractive is this team? Because this is a computer you’re talking to and I can’t hear you I’ll just go ahead and answer for you… SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE! 😉
For my photographer friends out there… this was taken with the Canon 135mm f2.0L… it’s one of the most under-appreciated lenses. The bokeh is unbelievably gorgeous!

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Nashville, Ind.

Together  ::  July 16, 2011  •  Engaged  ::  May 25, 2013  •  Wedding  ::  August 2, 2014  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Marcy ::  Assistant Coordinator for Curriculum and Special Services  ::  Hometown  •  Greenwood, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Competitive, quirky, smart, motivated, funny

Peter  ::  Accountant  •  Hometown  •  Bargersville, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Optimistic, thoughtful, intelligent, adventurous, dedicated  

How they met, as told by Marcy ::  We met after the 2011 Brew Fest at a lovely Broad Ripple establishment.  Peter had to coerce my friend to stay out in order to keep me there.  He succeeded, and we ended the night by sharing our love for Hot Box breadsticks (why is that cheese so good?!?).


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Oh hey look… it’s me… so close to the edge that I was clearly on a suicide mission. Though let it be known, the shot was worth the risk. 😉Mike is much better at taking photos of me in action than I am of him. On the other hand, he’s often my stand-in to test the light… which is exactly what this is a photo of. 😉 Luckily for my friends of the Internet he has a nice back side. I mean… I’m just sayin’… 😉

[br] [br] [br] Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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