Here’s March in an Instagram nutshell…

Aunt Karen, G-Ma and my best Grigh Corrie came to visit from Kansas City  ::  Celebrated my mom’s birthday  ::  We’re back in action Betties! Mike’s shoulder is almost 100% and we’re shooting again 😀  ::  Workshopped it up for groups #11 & #12  ::  Mastered culling in Lightroom using an XBOX 360 controller, what?! 😉  ::  Obsessed over the handsomeness that is Murphy Mo  ::  Mike’s Mom, Dad and brother Jeffy came to visit; Mike, his mom and Jeffy went to see Sesame Street Live downtown  ::  I started with a new personal trainer that I really like (whew!)  ::  Didn’t fix my hair for a week, don’t be jealous  ::  Mike fell asleep in his chair so I attacked him with a pen to the face… BOOOOOM!  ::  Walked 10k steps nearly every day  ::  Went to the Children’s Museum with our favorite redheads  ::  Spent Easter with some of our favorite people.


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