Katie and friends at the Dunes 🙂










While Mandy was doing her thing…










Then they got ready together in their hotel room 🙂

I couldn't resist these HOT shoes!!!!!!  Talk about "something blue" !!!!! 





 Katie helping Mandy button the buttons 🙂 









I walked in the basement of their ceremony site and noticed a bunch of Lego's.  I started pulling them apart  and looking for only their wedding colors… from there I built this little Lego blue/black/white/cream uhm… thing.  People were looking at me like I was nuts… then they saw that I was on a mission! 😀





They got married in an Art Center 🙂   










 The bridal party 🙂










 We went on a quick photo expedition and found some really fun photo spots 🙂   Everything that you see here was within a 2 block radius of the art center.























 Yes yes yes… We found an abandoned car.  









Mandy and Katie… WOWZERS to your GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!








MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. Mandy and Katie have been together for ten years… TEN YEARS, I would say that they've already proven that they truly are committed 🙂  However… their ceremony really cemented that commitment both to their friends, family and even themselves.  It was such an emotional thing to witness… and we loved every second.

They met at Ball State 😀  The person who officiated their ceremony was their professor.  So, she's known them since the beginning of their relationship… no one could have been more perfect to preside over such an important event.  Wow… what a awesome day!

Mandy did an amazing job of putting it all together.  Every detail was planned to a T… and it all looked AMAZING!  

Katie, along with her bridesmaids and Mandy's brother, on the morning of their ceremony… went to the famous Indiana Dunes.  😀  How unique is THAT for the morning of your big day?!  They climbed up the Dune.  They climbed down the Dune.  They admired the Dune. They put their feet in the water.  They washed the Dune off their feet.  They went home. 😀 

Right after the ceremony we scooted out to get some photos of the bridal party and the two brides 😉 After about 10 minutes… it VERY quickly went from sunny to cloudy.  At first we were excited… the temperature dropped 10° . YAHOOOOO!!!!!  Mike looked up… and noticed what appeared to be a storm forming
RIGHT over us… and THAT explains the cool breeze!!!! 😀  So… the bridal party headed in while Mandy, Katie, Mike and I worked it out PRONTO!  Towards the end of that time… it was OH SO windy… dust flying everywhere.  After all… we were RIGHT next to the Dunes! We got them all done in about fifteen minutes and as SOON as we got inside… it started POURING! ((WHEW)) CLOOOOOOOSE CALL!

Their friends/family were so awesome!  Mandy's mom was one of the sweetest, most hospitable women we've ever EVER met!  The second we walked into her house, she was handing us food and drinks.  She did an awesome job of making us all feel so welcome.

Of all of the Indiana photographer blogs that I follow… I cannot think of ever seeing a same sex ceremony featured.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  It was exciting to know that we were photographing something that is quite rare here in the Midwest.  😀 

Thank you SOOOO much for EVERYTHING!!!! It was perfect in every way!

Love love love,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


All right!  We've got some slideshow love for everyone!  Click here!  User name is Mandy's last name, and the password is Katie's last name all in lower case.  your browser may ask you to input the info twice the first time.

Also, Mandy and Katie have their full gallery viewable by clicking here  🙂  The event key is Katie's last name.  Enjoy!




 I don't mean to intimidate you all with my guns… but I had to take my jacket off so that Mandy could lay on it 🙂   



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