You are about to fall in love with a family you’ve never met… and if you have met them… you’re about to fall even more in love with them! bobbi+mikeHow can you not adore them?!
02_BobbiMikeLFam1403_BobbiMikeLFam14Their family is full of so much love… 04_BobbiMikeLFam14Bella, we just adore you to pieces! 05_BobbiMikeLFam14AYKM with these smiles?!
06_BobbiMikeLFam14Buffy and Angel are such well behaved and patient pups.07_BobbiMikeLFam14My favorite ❗08_BobbiMikeLFam14I love this one too. 09_BobbiMikeLFam1410_BobbiMikeLFam14Have I mentioned how wonderful their smiles are?!
11_BobbiMikeLFam14Mike’s favorite ❓ He said, “Madelyn makes it perfect!”12_BobbiMikeLFam14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

mandy+jerry  ::  married 9 years • 10.22.05

How they met  :: We actually FIRST met in the first grade! We were in the same first grade class at school 70 in Indianapolis. Mandy doesn’t remember “Gerald” from those times, haha!!! We re-met at through our friend Windi, at a party, the summer before we left for college. Mandy wasn’t ready for a serious relationship at the time but Jerry knew right away that Mandy was special. After spending the first year at different colleges, Mandy transferred to Purdue and the rest is history. We grew up together, growing more in love each and every day. Lucky to be married to our best friend. 🙂

Mandy ::  hometown – Indianapolis, Ind  ::  Mommy, Photographer, Fitness Coach, etc  ::  five words – Ambitious, Smart, Beautiful, Competitive, and Loving

Jerry  ::  hometown – Indianapolis, Ind  ::  Sales Engineer   ::  five words – Thoughtful, Loyal, Sincere, Crazy Smart, Sexy 🙂

Bella  ::  6 years old  ::  five words – Outgoing, Kind, Intelligent, Driven and Warm-Hearted

Madelyn  ::  2 years old  ::  five words – Sweet, Friendly, Funny, Brave and Adorable

Buffy & Angel  ::  9 years old

Your perfect Saturday  ::  Starting the day with a great workout followed by a fun day with our kids…trip to the zoo, evening walk with the pups, grilling out with friends and family while the kids run around laughing and playing .. ending the evening after the kids are bed with a comfy blanket, cuddling on the couch and watching a good movie. 🙂 

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13_BobbiMikeLFam14These kids suuuure did love them some Mikey! Can you blame them though?! 🙂14_BobbiMikeLFam14

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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