How cuuuuute is this couple?!  And nope…. your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! 😉
01_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015You two are just the best.
02_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015OHHHH MALLORY!!!! 03_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015I love that you can see the reflections of the workshoppees. 04_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015One of my favorites! ❗  WACKY BOBBI STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! 😀
05_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015Let it be known that Tyler’s mis-matched socks are not intentional. 😉06_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015Oh my…. what a good looking duo you are!  The image on the right…. I’m telling you…. WACKY BOBBI WAS ON FIRE THAT DAY! 😉
07_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE201508_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE201510_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015When he comes around she lights up. These two were meant for each other! 09_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015Little people. Little plane. BIG SKY!
11_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015Then we finished things up with this YUMMMMMMY light in a field. 😀 My other favorites ❗12_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015MALLLLLLLLORY!!!!!!!! YOUUUU ARE PERFECTION!!!!!!13_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  10.31.13  •  Engaged  ::  10.31.14  •  Wedding  ::  7.11.15  ::  Glen Arbor, Mich.

Mallory ::  Registered Nurse  •  Hometown  ::  Grand Rapids, Mich.  •   five words  :: Faithful, radiant, driven, compassionate, dreamer

Tyler  ::  Artist/Educator  •  Hometown  ::  Mason, Ohio  •   five words  :: Peaceful, kind, loving, creative, eternal-optimist

How they met, as told by Mallory   ::  We met in college while we were volunteering through the Christian non-for-profit Young Life. We were friends for a couple years and by chance ended up working at the same summer camp together for a month in Summer of 2013, Tyler spent a suspicious amount of time hanging around the craft shack (where I was working). Fast forward a couple months when we were both back in Chicago and Tyler asked me out for Cheeseburgers and we both quickly realized it was the real deal.


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Oh you know…. doin’ my best cheerleader pose while doin’ what I doooo…. 14_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015See that super fun man in the middle? That’s Ed…. he’s been our driver for 19 of our workshops…. and we ADORE him. This was our final workshop with him as he’s moving on to bigger and better things. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that our workshops are so enriched because you’ve been there with us…. can I get an amen alumni?! Ed, you haven’t seen the last of us that’s for sure!   15_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015Mike and I look ridiculous in that image on the left! WHAT ARE WE DOOOOING?!16_bobbiphoto_indianapolisengagement_MTE2015

 [br] [br] [br] Fall workshop announcement coming soon… so make sure you’re on the mailing list!  (mailing list always gets a head start on booking). We’d love to have you!

Sending love and high fives to every single one of you! Thanks for everything friends!

~bobbi ❗

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