I’d never photographed a wedding at the Lucas Oil Mansion and when Lisa and Jon asked us to photo their day, I couldn’t have been more excited! 01_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Lisa, you’re gorgeous!
02_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Remember Koby?!  But of course you do!
0012_LisaJonathan_Wed_2015I LOVE me a perfect solitaire and a micropavé  wedding band combo! As a long-time fan of solitaires, when I photographed their engagement session I recognized it immediately as a Brian Gavin Signature! Yeahhhh… It’s a liiiiittle embarrassing how obsessed I am with his work…04_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Photo challenge accepted!
05_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15I love when grooms wear unique ties.06_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15….soon after their first look 🙂
07_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15I adore this duo. 🙂
09_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15HELLOOOOO AMAZING MANSION!08_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Lisa, you were such a stunning bride.
11_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1512_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15How cuuuuute are these kids?!13_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15That 85mm 1.2L lens… that bokeh… YUMMMMTOWN! 14_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Time to get married. 😀15_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1516_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1517_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Check out her shoes! 18_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Let’s be real, everything is better when it’s wrapped in bacon…19_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15One of the groomsmen surprised all of the other groomsmen with this amazingness. 20_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1521_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15What an attractive wedding party!22_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15HA! 😀23_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Lisa’s one and only request that day…24_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15RECEPTION TIME!25_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Their reception was held in the mansion’s courthouse, and it was perfecto!26_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1527_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15THESE DESSERTS WERE INCREDIBLE!!!! Confectioneiress you really outdid yourself!29_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Their first dance… PERFECTION! 30_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1531_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Father/Daughter & Mother/Son…32_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15KOBY!33_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15He was clearly the star of the show!34_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW1535_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15Their sparkler exit was perfection!36_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15FAAAAAVORITE! ❗37_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15

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Indianapolis, Ind.

hair  •  Irina Green
makeup  •  Cori Downey, IROC Makeup
florist  •  Posh Petals
videographer  •  Vibe Video Productions
ceremony & reception venue  •  Lucas Estate
dj  •  Brian Whitis
cake  •  Confectioneiress
  •  Sarah Seven
bridesmaid dresses  •  J.CREW
tuxedo manufacturer  •  J.CREW

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their music

introductions  •  “Beautiful Day” -U2
first dance  •  “How Long Will I Love You” -Ellie Goulding
father/daughter  •  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” -Aretha Franklin
mother/son  •  “What a Wonderful World” -Louis Armstrong
cake cutting  •  “Marry Me” -Train

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 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Lisa:  Seeing my dad so happy. Normally, he is a very serious person, so to see him so emotional and proud was a great moment.

Jonathan: The first look!


[br]Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Lisa:  Our first dance… We watched a Youtube video and practiced for our first dance – but when it came time to do it, we both completely blanked and just had to wing it!

Jonathan: Lisa telling me on the altar that she forgot to bring the wedding certificate! (We did get it sorted out afterwards 🙂 )

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

No – the day turned out even better than we could have imagined!

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Grand Cayman

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That redhead is onnn a mission!
38_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15My hair was lookin’ a liiiiittle too “Brave” that day… 39_BobbiSheridan_LucasOilMansionWedding_LJW15😀

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Thank you for EVERYTHING friends!

Much love,

~bobbi ❗

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