Lisa and Adam were the PERFECT way to end our 2010 season 🙂 We completely 100% adore them. If you’ve been keeping up with us for this past year, you know we’ve had some TERRIBLE luck with weather… It was as though a rain cloud was following us!  When we woke up this Saturday morning and Mike told me that it was going to rain all day, I said, “Fantastico… let’s have some fun with this today!”  You see, I KNEW that Lisa and Adam would be down for anything.  I know I say this all of the time… but we really do photograph the best couples.  😀

When Lisa, who has VERY curly hair, heard what the forecast was, she did a switcho-change-o on her hair plans so that it could work with the weather. 🙂 BTW Lisa, I JUST noticed that you’re wearing the same shirt that you wore for your engagement session 😉 Must be good luck!  …meanwhile… 😀 HAHAHA! This was, hands down, one of the best group of guys we’ve photographed. Remember… Adam is a percussionist 🙂 These two met in marching band (I THINK Lisa was a flutist???).  Anyway, most of their friends are also band-o’s, who also happen to be my favorite kind of people. Generally speaking, there’s a unique set of characteristics that is almost always associated with musicians. 1) Comfortable in their skin. 2) Successful in life. 3) A bit eccentric. 4) Passionate, driven and goal oriented. And last, but not least, 5) You’ll ALWAYS have a good time when you’re with them… no matter what the situation 😀 Adam was lucky enough to have rented a tux that had never been worn.  He thought that the pocket had been sewn shut (as many garments have when brand new). Mike agreed and handed him his pocket knife. Uhm… FYI for future grooms/groomsmen, it’s a faux pocket. 😉 …waiting for Lisa before their first sight.  My view on the left, Mike’s on the right. So freaking perfect. 😀 It had quit raining for a bit… So, we quickly hopped into our car and drove to a few fun spots.  Lisa is the DEFINITION of a “Fearless Bobbi Bride”. If you guys knew what this scene really looked like, you’d he throwing Lisa some high fives. Most brides would have been flipping their poopy. No no no… Not Lisa… she trusted me. 🙂 That being said, there were NO dresses harmed in the making of ANY of these images! 😀 OH how I’m in love with this!!!!! …it started to mist a bit… NOT TO WORRY! OUR FANCY CLEAR UMBRELLA TO THE RESCUE!!!!  THEN… it was getting married time! This was one of the best ceremonies of 2010.  Yeah.. I went there. 😉 That look on Adam’s face is SO 100% him! They wrote each other letters… the sweetest, most genuine, and quite hilarious letters… and asked their honor attendants to read them.  Neither one of them had read the others before that day.  That look on Adam’s face was during the reading of his. 🙂  It was, hands down, my favorite part of their ceremony… and I’ve never seen anything like it.  If Mike and I were planning our wedding, we would TOTALLY copy 😉 …husband & wife, officially! I’m sure whatever I was doing to get that reaction was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! 😉 I couldn’t resist! Adam, thanks for being a good sport!  Ladies and gentlemen… GET READY FOR THE ANNUAL TOP 50 OF 2010… because THIS will DEFINITELY be in the top 10! Are you freaking KIDDING me with this?! OHHH I’m SO proud of it!  Lisa and Adam, thank you from the bottom of our little hearts for not being pansies and being willing to go outside, in your wedding attire, in the rain. 😀 Our favorite ❗ + ❓ …the best man’s speech… This face reminds me of Patrick Swayze in the final dance scene in Dirty Dancing when he looks at Jennifer Grey and mouths… “and I OWE IT ALL TO YOU!” (fast forward to 5:40ish) …incognito… 




indianapolis, ind.

hair | Danielle Patterson
makeup | T’ai Rising-Moore
florist | Jacque Cotterell, Friend of Bride
ceremony & reception venue | Omni Severin Hotel
dj | Mike Donaldson  – TLW Entertainment
cake | Heavenly Sweets
dress | Casablanca
bridesmaid dresses | David’s Bridal



their songs

introductions | “Say Hey (I Love You)” –Michael Franti & Spearhead (LOVE this song!)
first dance | “The Way I Am” –Ingrid Michaelson
father/daughter |“My Little Girl”  –Tim McGraw
mother/son |“Have I Told You Lately”  –Rod Stewart
stepparents/bride&groom | “Beautiful Day” –U2 
last dance | “The Time (Dirty Bit)” –Black Eyed Peas



What was the most memorable moment of your day?
lisa: There are a few memorable moments I will keep with me forever.  I LOVED our ceremony.  I feel it was “us”, but what I loved the most about it was when our MOH and BM read the letters we wrote to each other.  When Adam’s letter to me was being read, I was so overwhelmed with emotion….I felt like the luckiest girl on earth.  Of course walking down the aisle with my dad was something I will always cherish, it’s the moment almost every little girl dreams of….but the moments before that when it was just the two of us (and Bobbi 😉 ) I will always hold dear to my heart.  I don’t get to see my dad as often as I would like, so to have that moment with my dad before he “gave me away”, was very special to me.
adam: Seeing Lisa for the first time and seeing how gorgeous she was. Second moment: not crying AT ALL during the ceremony….at all….
lisa: Liar.

What was your favorite detail?
lisa: I LOVED my dress.  I loved every little detail about it and wish I had a good excuse to still wear it right now.  I also loved my shoes.  I insisted on NOT wearing white shoes and loved that it was my “something blue”.  My “something old” was lace from my mother’s wedding dress and my “something borrowed” was a pearl necklace borrowed from my 92 year old great-grandmother and both were wrapped around my bouquet.  It was important to me to have personal meaning in a lot of what we planned.
adam: Having bobbi+mike there!  Being able to celebrate with all of our friends and family in one place.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
lisa: Uh, hire bobbi+mike….DUH!  Seriously, not only are they the best photographers around, they are also genuine people who want nothing but for you to have the most perfect day and most perfect pictures.  The pictures are what you will look back on to remind you how you felt in that exact moment.  They are the best 🙂  Once you go bobbi+mike, you never go back!!!  Also,  just soak it ALL in…it goes by too fast…..and enjoy every single moment of it.
adam: Do whatever you want, don’t base your day on tradition or other’s expectations of how it should go. Plan your day not someone else’s. But, be sure to plan enough time to party! (We second both Lisa and Adam’s advice as officially the best advice ever, EVER!)
lisa+adam: Be sure you are able to tell Bobbi “YES” the next day….. HA!!! (HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!)

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
lisa: Probably the Best Man’s speech….I had some explaining to do to my parents about a couple of his stories!  OH, and when I realized I was holding Bobbi’s hand (more than once) when she was pretending to be Adam.  I suppose I was just helping her play the part 😉  
adam: Best Man’s speech, especially when he said, “I’m lucky enough to be Adam’s BM………” insert long awkward pause here.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
lisa: Absolutely not!  The only thing we wish we had more of was time…..time to spend with our friends and family.  It all happened so fast, I feel I didn’t get to see everyone.
adam: Ditto.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
lisa: JAMAICA!!!  We went all-inclusive and had THE time of our lives.  It was the best vacation ever 🙂
adam: I went to Jamaica, too.  We highly recommend go
ing all inclusive, it’s worth every penny.

Me with my brides 😀 I think this is, to date, the longest time period between two weddings. Jessica and Josh got married July 8, 2006. (a little piece of trivia: we shot our first wedding professionally on March 4, 2006). Adam and me, taking pictures. You know… the usual. 

I just couldn’t get low enough… So, I put down a ziploc bag, hoping it would protect me from the elements, and laid back. (I had to get super low to get those wall signs behind them out of the image).
…it didn’t work. 🙂

❗ + ❓

PS. stay tuned for our annual top lists. 😀