I first met Lindsey at one of our workshops a few years ago… she said way back then that when she got engaged, I’d be the second call she made (after her mom of course…. duhhh….)01_indianapoliswedding_lbw15I was hyyyyype when she called to inquire…. BUT OF COURSE I’LL TRAVEL TO ATLANTA TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR WEDDING! 😀 You see, Lindsey is a wedding photographer herself… soooo… it couldn’t have been more of an honor to be asked to photograph her wedding! 02_indianapoliswedding_lbw1503_indianapoliswedding_lbw15I mean…. LOOOOOOK at her bridesmaids! GA-GA-GA-GORGEOUS! 13_indianapoliswedding_lbw15I love me a man in a suit… ::cue Justin Timberlake & JAY Z::164_LindseyBrandon_bbmk_2015….anticipaaaation…. ::cue Carly Simon::
05_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Lindsey with her dad. 🙂06_indianapoliswedding_lbw15How cuuuuute are these flower girls?!07_indianapoliswedding_lbw1508_indianapoliswedding_lbw1509_indianapoliswedding_lbw1510_indianapoliswedding_lbw15It really was such an incredibly fun day! 😀11_indianapoliswedding_lbw1512_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Ohhhh how I love me some symmetry!17_indianapoliswedding_lbw15That Georgia sunlight did NOT disappoint! 14_indianapoliswedding_lbw15ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My favorite! ❗16_indianapoliswedding_lbw1515_indianapoliswedding_lbw15RECEPTION TIME! 18_indianapoliswedding_lbw1519_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Brandon was quiiiite the hit on the dance floor!20_indianapoliswedding_lbw1521_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Well hello there Atlanta! 22_indianapoliswedding_lbw1523_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Are you KIDDING me with this party?! 24_indianapoliswedding_lbw1525_indianapoliswedding_lbw1526_indianapoliswedding_lbw15Brandon, you’re soooo dramaaaaatic…!!! 😉

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Atlanta, Ga.

coordinator   Mariah Pierce
•  Tambrin Craig
makeup  •  Jessica Arnold
florist  •  Jars of Flowers
ceremony & reception venue  •  Park Tavern
band  •  The Free
cake  •  Special Kneads and Treats
dress  •  Bravura Bridal
bridesmaid dresses  •  David’s Bridal
tuxedo manufacturer  •  Jos. A. Banks

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their songs

processional  • “How Beautiful” -Twila Paris
 •  “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” -Stevie Wonder
wedding party introductions
 •  “Final Countdown” -Europe
first dance  •  “Thinking Out Loud” -Ed Sheeran
father/daughter  •  “Butterfly Kisses” -Bob Carlisle
mother/son  •  “Perfect Fan” -Backstreet Boys

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[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Enjoy every second of the day because it goes by so fast.

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Not one thing. It was everything we dreamed of!

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?


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Lindsey and Brandon, from the bottom of my heart, thank you…. for everything!

Much love friends,

~bobbi ❗

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