AHHHH!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Texas husband+wife photo team Lindsey and Beto are ON THE BLOG! I know those two have been BEYOND excited waiting for these 🙂

The second we started photographing these two, I knew it was going to be an amazing shoot.  What made me draw that conclusion so early? They’re good snugglers 😉

You see, Lindsey and Beto live in Dallas, Texas. Lindsey is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan (which is about 5 hours from us). When she started planning her trip home… she got in contact with us to see if they could roadtrip to Indiana and we could photo their hotness. Uhm, yes please. CHECK AND MARK!

This is, in my OH SO humble opinion, the BEST time of year for sessions in the Midwest. The sun is amazing, the flowers are in full bloom and the temp isn’t ridiculously hot (though, don’t factor this week into that equation please… HOT HOT HOT!)

Ohhhh yellow flowers please stay around all year…. pleeeeease???

Hi Texas friends… meet some Indiana amazingness 🙂

REEEEEEALLY proud of this. K? k. Mike’s fave ❓

My favorite ❗ Canvas, duh. PLEASE hang this above your bed… PLEEEEASE????!!?!?


I mean really?! These photos make me want to move to Indiana. Oh wait… uhm… strike that…

I posted about Lindsey’s eyes last week on my Twitter/Facebook accounts. I’ve NEVER in my life seen eyes so bright. EVER! I was creeper staring. I kept saying, “I can’t get over how blue yours eyes are!” Now, unless you KNOW Lindsey and have SEEN her… i know that you probably won’t believe that I didn’t brighten these eyes in Photoshop. As a matter of fact… I toned them DOWN!  I’m STILL shocked by them. Lindsey, you’re gorgeous. GORGEOUS!!!!

Yesyesyesyes. A VERY close second place for favorite. 😉


indianapolis, ind.

lindsey+beto | married october 8, 2005

home | dallas, texas

lindsey | photographer • hometown | grand rapids, mich.

bet0 | insurance • hometown | guadalajara, mexico


~ bobbi ❗

Something about this photo reminds me of Jurassic Park…. some scene with the T-Rex. I’ve scoured YouTube with no luck. Oh well. Just smile and nod anyway… 😀