Proud of this session folks. I mean, after all… take two ridiculously good looking people newly in love and BADABOOM BADABING…. amazingness! Starting things off with my favorite ❗Being all lovey-dovey with 15 or so people watching… it’s not as easy as it looks my friends. However, these two nailed it!
When we photographed their session, they weren’t yet officially engaged… but just a few weeks later they were! Do you think it’d be fair for them to call these images an engagement session? I say yes.I’m not gonna lie, it was coooooold! Often, people try to wear clothes that aren’t warm to give the impression that it wasn’t cold…. just a normal spring day. However, the red noses and clinched fists usually give it away. 😉 I, however, like that they’re wearing coats and are all cuddly with each other. 😀 Just my 2¢.While we were shooting we came across this old VW Beetle at a repair shop.  Mike asked an employee if we could get in. Next thing you know… BOOOOOOM!
Are you kidding me with how ridiculously gorgeous you two are?! It’s overwhelming.I love this one!Hold on… hard to type with my jaw on the ground…. Okay… Back…. UHMMMM… whoa…. WHOA!
Oh how I love their smiles! Mike’s favorite ❓

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Wedding  ::  9.14.13  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  3.9.12

Engaged  ::  11.20.12

Lauren ::  Conditioning Specialist & Corporate Wellness  ::  Hometown  •  Indianapolis, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Christlike, faithful, beautiful, passionate, determined

Seth  ::  Lead Generation Specialist  •  Hometown  •  Fishers, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Christ-centered, loving, athletic, playful, handsome

How they met, as told by Lauren ::  “My roommate and I went to a networking event downtown during the week of the Super Bowl. Shortly after getting there, Seth came up and started talking to me (he wouldn’t shut up). Over the course of the night, we had talked a ton about sports and how I play on a sand volleyball team near his home.  Before leaving, he asked for my number to play on the team.  However, it turns out he just wanted my number to ask me out!”

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See that ugly building back there? Now you see why I shot it so low. It’s alllll about the crop 😉
Here we all are!

[br] [br] [br]We adore our workshop peeps. 😀

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Much love friends!


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