Laura said she didn't want a veil… she instead wanted all of the attention on her hair.  I say, DONE AND DONE!  



 Notice those shoes on the power line?  You see, we like to keep things classy 🙂


HELLOOOOOO fun bridal party!






 "Here come old flattop…" I'd be impressed if you got that 🙂


As I almost always do… I asked, "what is the part of the day you're most looking forward to" Laura's response… "I'm excited for my dad to see me in my dress." 🙂






 WE'RE MARRIED!!!!!!!!


My hilarious jokes NEVER fail! 😉


 I love our couples. K? K.







 I shot this laying in the parking lot in front of the reception hall.  A few guests came out and looked at me and thought I was off my rocker. BOOYAH!


 This is our second wedding with this family. 😀 It's a tradition to make a vehicle that represents the couple to push around the reception hall. You guessed it, they're both teachers… 🙂




 How flipping SWEET are they!? I definitely teared up when they handed me this.  


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  You see, as a wedding photographer… you have to plan your life about a year and a half in advance. And, because my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we chose to mark the entire weekend off.  HOWEVER, when Laura's mom Jeannie called us asking if we were available for her daughters wedding, we couldn't say no.  After all, we photographed Joe's brother Josh's wedding in 2006… and we absolutely fell in love with the whole gang!  Once we photograph your family, you're sorta stuck with us forever!  So, needless to say when Laura and Joe busted out that cake, I started crying.  AYKM?! YOU BROUGHT ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE??!?!? I was speechless (quite a rarity 😉 )

Laura and Joe had an incredible day full of love, laughter and GREAT fun!  The most unique element, in my personal opinion, was that Laura's uncle was the priest who married them. I've seen Father Jim in action before… but seeing him with his family being famously referred to as "Uncle Jim" was just so dang cool!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for EVERYTHING!  You really and truly made us feel like family.  Love you guys. 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Hey dudes and dudettes!  Click here for Laura's and Joe's slide show!  The user name is Laura's maiden name, and the password is Joe's last name in all lower case.  Also, click here to view their entire gallery.  The event key is again Joe's last name in all lower case.  Enjoy!


Those are four big smiles!


 And, like always… we got a photo with all of the bobbi+mike bride/grooms 🙂



I go from rat tails to mullets… I'm bringing 'em alll back!

❗ + ❓