While in Vegas, we held a few private consults 😀

Meet Laura and Jeromy… a ridiculously-in-love husband and wife photo team based in Louisiana. 🙂

They were curious to see how we interacted with people during a session… so, in the midst of the consult, we headed outside and took a quick walk around our hotel.

…and by quick I mean that these images were taken in about 15-ish minutes.
They’ve been married for 9 years… together for 14. The love, respect and trust they have for each other is obvious… if you’ve ever been in the same room with these two, you know exactly what I mean!They’re from Southern Louisiana. 😀 Jeromy has a pretty killer cajun accent to prove it! I’d never heard anything like it before and found it fascinating. If you don’t know what it sounds like, do a YouTube search… It’s a combination of mostly French and English with African and Indian mixed in too (errr…. That’s what google told me…..). 🙂Oh, I haven’t mentioned yet… the have five children. FIVE! The latest… twins! 😀 Right at the very end of the quickie session, I had this kooky idea to really show their size difference. 😀 You see, he’s 6′ and strong…. while she’s 5′ and oh so petite. I said, “Laura, can you hang on to Jeromy like a backpack… hiding your face?” She did it perfectly! Then I said to Jeromy, “Look at me like… you know… my backpack’s hotter than your backpack… you gotta problem with that?!” And BOOM! Our favorite ❗ + ❓ Good work Team Reaux!
Then I walked up closer, “Laura, I want you to give me the ‘What?! You have a problem with hot backpacks?!! Bring it…’ ”  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing about this! Actually, I’m still not done laughing about it! HAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Thanks you two for playing along with my silliness!


Las Vegas, Nev.

laura+jeromy    •    Lafayette, La.

married 9 years   •   11.2.2

together 14 years “and still CRAZY in love!!”

Laura    •    hometown: New Iberia, La.   •    Photographer

Jeromy    •    hometown: Lydia, La.   •    Photographer and Marine Electrician (that sounds way fancy!)

their family    •    Camden: 8    Ella: 7    Maya: 5    Pilot: 2    Finn: 2

how they met, as told by Laura    •    “We met on a weekend camping trip when we were 14-years-old. He was with family and I was with friends.  We hung out together with a group of friends at hockey games, carnivals, a movie theater… and finally had our first date the following year.  Four and a half years later we were married, and had five kids in the next six years!  BAM!”


We’d love to photograph a real session of you two + your five. 🙂 You guys are the definition of fun!

Much love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓