Hi friends!
It's that tiiiiiime again 😀 The annual International photography convention, also known as WPPI… YEAHHHHH!!!!!  For you non photographers out there it's where we network with other photogs, check out the latest and greatest products, learn new tricks, share old tricks, and well… party 🙂 
This year, we're actually going to be speaking… at a booth 🙂 TALK ABOUT NERVOUS! Well, more me than Mike… he's calm as a cucumber! goooo figuuuure. Anyway, if you want to hear what we have to say or just say hello, we'll be speaking at 12:30 at the mpixpro booth (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). It'd be great if you guys could come so that we're not the losers with empty seats. 😉 K, thanks! 
BTW, the title of our speaking topic? "Why fake it?!" Clever, huh? 🙂
Also, to our Internet friends… if you see us and recognize us don't hesitate to say hello and throw high fives! My hair makes us easy to find. 😀 Pointing and whispering is not allowed. K? k.  Glad we got that worked out 😀
OH!!!! For those who've seen the mpixpro double spread ad in Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder or Professional Photographers… HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THAT?! NEVER in a ZILLION years did I think that we could go up to a Barnes and Noble newsstand and find our picture in a magazine… let ALONE on the first page! AYKM?!  Anyone who wants to see it who's not a subscriber to the aforementioned magazines… go to any major book store and find the Digital Photo Pro… and flip the cover open… THERE WE ARE! YEAHHHHHH!!!! 😀 😀 😀 More about this when we get back… 🙂
Can't wait to meet many of you!!!!!!
~bobbi + mike ❗ + ❓