You guys already know Kristen! If you don’t know her, click here. 🙂 A quick run down… she was my personal trainer for two years… she kicked my ass into shape! Then she moved to North Carolina for grad school… and as a result my in-shape level isn’t what it used to be. d’oh!

I remember Kristen calling me… soonish after she moved to NC… “I’ve met the man I’m going to marry!”

“Oh? How long have you been dating?” I asked in shock.

“Two weeks.”

If there’s anything you all should know about Kristen… it’s that when she decides something… get outta the way, it’s happening!

Six months later I got another phone call…


I met him for the first time at this session… and within about five minutes I knew… I knew exactly why she was crazy about him. He’s perfecto for her!
He adores her craziness… (which is why I love her!)
Kristen, you’re gorgeous. 🙂 I can’t WAIT to photograph you in a wedding dress!

Then they changed outfits and we made a quick change of scenery.That image on the left… that’s my favorite ❗ OH! I’m so glad she’s found someone so damn great!

I love this one… 😀

Mike’s favorite ❓

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Wedding  ::  5.18.12  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

First Date  ::  3.28.11

Engaged  ::  9.3.11

Kristen ::  Masters student at East Carolina University, majoring in Occupational Therapy ::  Hometown  ::  Carmel, Ind.

Kristen, described in five words (according to John)  ::  Caring • Driven • Hilarious • Beautiful (inside & out) • my best friend

John ::  High School Math Teacher   •   Hometown  ::  Philadelphia, Pa.

John, described in five words (according to Kristen)  ::  Caring • Laid back • Genuine • Driven • Loving

How they met, as told by Kristen ::  “John and I met on  He messaged me on March 7th and I messaged him back March 23rd.  John is not a fan of talking through email, or talking on the phone.  We finally decided to go to dinner on March 28th.

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Much love you two!


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