Kourtnie and Mike are OH SO happily married… 🙂Kourtnie has been faithfully following our blog for a number of years. So, for Christmas last year [her husband] Mike surprised her with a session with us. I called her Christmas morning to tell her. It’s official… Mike’s are gooooood husbands!!!M is for “Mike’s are Magnificant for Marrying!!”

This was the kind of session where we hop in our cars and drive and shoot… kind of like a drive-by-shooting… but at the same time not at all like a drive-by-shooting. 😉 Anyway… we had a path in mind but as we were driving from one spot to the next, there were little spots that I hadn’t seen before popping out at me left and right. So a lot of the locations in this session were me just wingin’ it! 😀 This gorgeous field… yeah… hadn’t noticed it’s amazingness the day before while we were photo scouting. 🙂

If I stood in front of this orange wall, I’d look bald.Kourtnie, you’re absolutely stunning. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!LOVE THIS ONE!!!!! It’s my favorite ❗I adore you two. Duh.

“Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.”

My view.And Mike’s. He wins. His favorite. ❓


Indianapolis, Ind.

anniversary | 7.24.09 | married 2 years

kourtnie | job – nursing student • hometown | Xenia, Ohio

mike | direct care staff for felony-level offending juveniles at a rehabilitation facility • hometown | Beavercreek, Ohio

where they live now | Belmont, Ohio

how they met, as told by mike | “We like to joke that we are the product of a modern-day arranged marriage. Our parents worked together and the next thing we knew we were in a college swing dancing class together (smooth, right?). We were engaged a year and a half later.”


Much love friends! Thanks for being you… 🙂
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

I always wonder what it was I was saying.
At the end of our session Mike decided to check out our cameras. He took that photo of Kourtnie. 🙂
…and then he took this photo of all of us 😀 It seems that M is also for “Mike’s are Marvelous Masters at capturing memorable moments” 😉 (Thanks Lisa for the assist on that!).

❗ + ❓