Here are a few images from our third and final bobbi+mike workshop for the season.  Meet Kimi and Nick… They have great smiles. 🙂They drove up from Alabama just to be a part of our workshop… and we couldn’t have been more excited!This was only the second workshop we’ve done where we shot an actual engagement session (ie. they’re engaged and needed engagement photos… most of the time our workshop couples have been either already married or dating).Then we switched things up a bit by heading to a big ol’ open field. 😀Kimi’s only request. 😀 She was excited when she knew I was taking it! My view. …and Mike’sHere’s my creeper statement of the day… I love watching people snuggle. I mean, after all… it is my job! On that note, I think when people ask me what I do for a living I will respond, “I watch and direct people snuggling… and sometimes I take a photo of it!” 😉
Those freckles on her shoulder… they’re just like mine! 😀SO damn cute! Btw, Kimi looks like someone famous… but I couldn’t quite place it… who is it??? Help me out blog readers! Nick? I think he looks like a young Tom Cruise… you know, the Top Gun era. 🙂

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  12.5.2008

Engaged  ::  5.29.2010

Kimi   ::   Interior Designer  •  Hometown  ::  South Bend, Ind.
Kimi (according to Nick  ::   Thoughtful  •  Creative  •  Loving  •  Loyal  •  Kind

Nick   ::   Electrical Engineer   •   Hometown  ::  Warrenville, Illinois

Nick (according to Kimi)  ::  Smart  •  Adventurous  •  Honest  •  Loving  •  Hard-working

How they met, as told by Kimi ::  “We both received the same academic scholarship to Purdue, the Chick Evans Caddy Scholarship. We lived in the same scholarship house with forty-eight other kids. When Nick came back from his engineering co-op, he was elected Administrative Vice President of the house and was in charge of all house maintenance. He wanted to do a painting project in the house and I so I started talking to him about paint colors. We started spending a lot of time together as I finished up painting the house crest on the wall… and the rest is history! Boiler-Up!”

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Nice muscles Mike… 😀Here we all are! Such an incredible group… 😀

[br] [br] [br] HUGE high fives to all of you who made it out this Spring. You guys inspire me more than I could ever explain.

Much love friends!


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