Kelsey & Jon
Indianapolis, Indiana

This couple is so incredibly special to us… and we couldn’t have been more excited and honored to have been asked to photograph their wedding. 🙂 01_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Kelsey’s ring is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen. 02_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14….a shave at Red’s… 03_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14…meanwhile Crystal was working her magic…04_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1405_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Momma Nancy. 🙂06_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Comparing size… ohhh you guys…. 09_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Kelsey, you were a stunning bride!08_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14They call him “Scooby”…. I can’t make this ish up folks!07_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1410_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1411_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1412_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Ohhhhh Scoooooby…. you soooooo craaaaaazyyyyy!!!!14_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14AHHHH!!!! YES!!!!! 13_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Their first look was so incredible… best I’d ever seen… and I’ve seen a lot! 15_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14SEEEE?! 16_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Not to be outdone by her first look with her dad… ALSO the best dad reaction we’ve ever seen… I RARELY make big statements like that but Mike and Ben (the videographer) will both back me up on this… ammiright?! 18_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1417_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14I couldn’t agree with you more little man… that DOES in fact look like the perfect place for a nap… thankfully I resisted! 😉 19_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14….he had to be well rested for his very important job… and I’ll tell ya… he did NOT disappoint! 😀 20_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw140378_KelseyJon_Wed2014Kelsey and Dad right before they walked down the aisle… 21_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14My view on the left, Mike’s on the right… if you look closely you can see my jacket peering out behind Kelsey’s veil. People often ask me why we wear dark colors to weddings… that’s why. 🙂22_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14MARRIED!!!!!23_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1424_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14HEYYYY LAAAAADIES!!!!!25_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14$10 Starbucks gift card to the person who knows the person they’re doing an impression of… 🙂 The guy on the far right nailed it… 26_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14CHARLES!!!! 28_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Such a good looking wedding party! 27_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Ann (girl directly on the left of Kelsey)… you won this… 😉 I mean… that expression wins at life!29_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14AHHHHHHH!!!!! LOOOOOOVE!!!!! Mike’s favorite ❓30_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14I love how much you two love each other. 🙂 31_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Again I say… AHHHHHHH!!!! KELSEY?!?!!!?!!!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!! My favorite ❗32_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14Reception time…33_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14They had one hell of a party! 36_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14😀35_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1438_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

coordinator  •  Jessica from Kim King Smith Events
•  Bobby Cooper Salon – John-Mark, David, Gracie, Riley
shaves  •  Red’s Classic Barber Shop
makeup  •  Beauty By Crystal – Crystal Haffner & Erica (assistant)
florist  •  Posh Petals
videographer  •  Rewind Documentaries – Ben & Caroline
ceremony  •  Meridian Street United Methodist Church
officiant  •  Jen Gibbs
reception venue  •  Laurel Hall
master of ceremonies  •  Jim Cerone
cake  •  Heavenly Sweets
photobooth  •  FreezeFramez – Chad Franz
catering  •  Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering – Lisa Bonacorsi
dress  •  Custom Giuseppe Papini (from Marie Gabriel Couture)
bridesmaid dresses  •  Lula Kate & Alfred Sung (from Bella Bridesmaid)
tuxedo manufacturer  •  Brooks Brothers

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their songs

introductions  •  Love’s Theme – Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra
first dance  •  Then – Brad Paisley (Acoustic)
father/daughter  •  Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
mother/son  •  You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
cake cutting  •  How Sweet It Is – The Blenders
last dance  •  You’re My First My Last My Everything – Barry White



 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Jon & Kelsey:  First Look

[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Kelsey:  Hire the best vendors in town and plan, plan, plan. The combination of a winning team and your planning will result in a no-stress, lovely wedding. On your big day, take the time to love your people and truly enjoy the day! 

Jon: Soak it all in. The day will rush by. Make sure you stop, breathe, and smile at the thought that your wedding day is, in fact, finally here.  

[br]Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Kelsey:  My funniest moment during our day was dancing with my favorite #weathermanMike to All About That Bass. Halfway through the jam, Mike did the splits and accidentally ripped his pants through the crotch (see photo below). During our reception, Bobbi+Mike were officially deemed the most fun photographers in all the land–hire them!

Jon: Ben standing in for a romantic slow dance was the best.   

[br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Jon & Kelsey:  Absolutely not!  

[br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Bloomington? Yay, grad school…But seriously, we’re headed to Jamaica over New Year’s.

[br] [br]  [br]Your eyes are not deceiving you… YES… I’m CUTTING the dress! AHHHHH!!!! I swear to you… she asked me to do it! AHHHHH!!!! 37_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14#bestfriend_ben (the videographer) and I doin’ what we do. Notice sweet Charles in the background?39_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw1440_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14On the left…. three Bobs. On the right… see above for Kelsey’s answer for “funniest moment of the day” 😉 Mike’s just all about that bass! 41_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14ben+kelsey+bobbi+jon+mike 42_bobbimike_laurelhall_kjw14

[br] [br] [br] Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br]  [br]