Man oh man have I been excited to show you these… not only because the people in the images are gorgeous… but because Kelsey is my sister.

“BOBBI HAS A SISTER?!” Yes, I actually have four siblings. 🙂 My dad remarried after my parents divorced and they had four children… (in order from oldest to youngest) Kelsey, Kaitlinn, Joey and Breanna.

I know what you’re thinking… “They don’t look much alike…”  You’re right. However, we sure do act a lot alike!  One of my other sisters is the nearly the spittin’ image of me… well, the super thin version of me anyway. 😉

Up until two weeks ago (when she and her husband came to Indianapolis to visit us)… I hadn’t seen her in twelve years. She’s now 24. For you math geniuses out there, yes yes yes…  she had doubled in age since I’d last seen her. WOWEEEE is she a beautiful woman! Kelsey went from that awkward stage we all know and love of twelve to the blossoming gorgeous age of 24… what a transition! That being said, while she’s one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world… she’s still the same goofball she’s always been. Though Kelsey and I haven’t seen each other in many years, we’ve always been close. When she walked in the door, we both started crying.

While they were here, I insisted on taking a few photos of them. 🙂 So, the last day they were here we stepped out for half an hour and made it happen.

Starting things off with my favorite. ❗

Kelsey’s always been so fashionable!I absolutely adore Anthony.  He loves Kelsey so incredibly much. Anthony is intelligent, patient, handsome, humble, driven, badass, genuine and couldn’t be more perfect for Kelsey. He’s actually a lot like my Mike, if I do say so myself! 🙂The light this afternoon was sexy!Those boots?! Yes please!Have I mentioned how beautiful she is?! Holy cowabunga!Love. Their hands say everything. 

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Indianapolis, Ind.

kelsey+anthony  ::  married  •  12.11.09  |  together  •  8.06.06

Kelsey  ::  student ::  Hometown  ::  Lacey, Wash. (born in Anchorage, Ak.  •  raised in Little Rock, Ark.)

Kelsey described in five words (according to Anthony)  ::   beautiful  •  smart  •  funny  •  sexy  •  caring

Anthony  ::  Army badass   •   Hometown  ::  Menlo Park, Calif.

Anthony described in five words (according to Kelsey)  ::   intelligent  •  handsome  •  humble  •   best friend  •  loving

How they met, as told by Anthony ::  “We saw each other at the gas station.  We were immediately attracted to one another but were to afraid to approach each other.  As I was leaving, Kelsey’s friend got my phone number for Kelsey.  We started texting and two weeks later started hanging out.  The rest is history.”

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Kelsey, I promise to never EVER again go that long without seeing you. I’m so glad you made the trip here. I love and miss you hugely!

Love you both.

~Bobbi and Mike. [br] [br] [br]