Kelly has SUCH beautiful eyes!










 WE LOVE US SOME SYMMETRY!  Mikey's favorite ❓






On the bus… 












11 bridesmaids BRINGIN' IT IN TIIIIGHGT!






Justin showing us his modeling moves.






 Guess where the best man is. 😉






 Shut it!  😉  

My view…






Mikey's view…






The final touches on his speech…






how cute is she?!











Their wedding was on National Talk Like a Pirate Day… I was crouched down next to Melanie… getting a wide shot when Melanie whispers… "hey Bobbi…"  I look up and see THAT!  I quickly snapped a photo.






Their wedding took place about a week after the remains of Hurricane Ike rolled over Cincinnati. Justin and Kelly had plans of taking their photos at this park that was right down the road from their church.  As we pulled up we noticed these barriers were up.  "THE PARK IS CLOSED!"  No worries… we'll park the bus at bottom of the hill and make it happen RIGHT here!   THEY WORKED IT OUT in front of those barriers!!! DOWN WITH THE MAN!!!!  One of my favorite full bridal party shots ever ❗












Kelly, I love your smile.






 I'm not sure why I think this is funny… but I do.. so laugh, okay 🙂






Justin took Mike's camera for a bit while I was shooting bridal portraits… So, on the left.. his photo.  On the right, him TAKING the photo on the left 🙂






You all know how much I love the relationship between a father and his daughter.  This photo captures it perfectly.






 I bet this will be Justin's favorite photo. 






Man oh man I canNOT remember the song that she danced to but it was SO STINKIN' CUUUUTE!  She had a little dance she did… the floor cleared and everyone circled around and cheered her on.  It was perfect in every way.

















These Cinci men have a tradition of going into the mens bathroom and toasting the groom… Until that day… I was the only girl who had ever witnessed it.  Kelly came in at the end and joined in on the fun.  She exclaimed, "this is it?! this is dumb!" HA!  A favorite ❗




CINCINNATI, Ohio.  YAHOOOOOOOSKI!!!!!! Another SUPER fun Cincinnati wedding… I always say that I love how we walk into most weddings and are treated like old friends… with this group it's TRUE… we really ARE old friends.  Well…not OLD friends… but you know what I mean…

Kelly and Justin are an incredibly laid back, go with the flow kind of couple… and I LOOOOVE that about them!  As I mentioned earlier… the park that they planned for their photos was blocked off… never once did they get upset… and honestly, I don't think it could have worked out any more perfectly.  

I found out sometime that day how they met… they both worked at the same restaurant. 😀  Any of you guys out there ever work in the food service industry?  When you wait tables… your entire social life surrounds the people that you work with.   Furthermore… stereotypically, the kind of person who waits tables usually has a pretty strong personality… so you hang out with people you're like ALLLLL of the time.  They REALLY are the perfect match!

Justin is HILARIOUS… he's so squirly and silly.  Kelly is as sweet as can be… she's always smiling… and she's just so wonderful to be around.

Their bridal party… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I FLIPPING LOVE THEM!!!!!!  There are still a few single ones left, too… so, that means we're still in business! WHEW! 🙂 

We genuinely canNOT thank you guys enough for asking us to be there to photograph your biggest day.  It's a HUGE honor and we LOVE LOVE LOVE being a part of your lives… Go figure, I'm getting teary eyed. WTH have I been so emotional lately as I write these… I guess I just can't believe this really is our job… to spend the best day of your life with you… and see it from every angle. Ohhh… it's late and I'm getting cheesier by the second… I'm going to shut up now.

Back to the thanks… YOU GUYS ROCK!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Yeah, you found it.  Now click here!  The user name is Kelly's maiden name, and the password is Justin's last name in all lower case.

Jeez…you want the full gallery too!?  Ok, we got it.  Click here!  The event key is Justin's last name.


The photo with us.  I love seeing all of the big genuine smiles. Makes me happy.  It motivates me.

 Poor Mikey always has to duck down to reach me… and I always have to stand on my tippy toes so that I don't look so short.  








In the brides shot… From left to right: Erin, Kelly, ME, Melanie, Laura and yes yes yes… INTRODUCING… KATIE! I'm sorry that we're so sexy… it's not our fault… it just comes naturally.  PS. I'm ditching that ugly necklace.  GAH!

In the grooms photo: Justin, Eric (he was the one who found us, YOU ROCK!), Joe, Adam, Mikey and INTRODUUUUUCING Ryan. ARE YOU KIDDING ME with the HOTNESS that's in that photo?!

Katie and Ryan will be making their debut here on the blog in November for their engagment session. 🙂 

How funny that Eric and Adam are doing the EXACT same thing?!

You have NO idea how much I love LOVE LOVE these photos.  I think I'm going to print them and put them on my desk.  Yes, I'm OTT!






And OF COURSE the action shots… Can you say blog header? I CAN! "BLOG HEADER!"






 I look like a midget.