Meet Kellie and Eric… they’re awesome 🙂 You’ll see 😀

ohhhh white space how I love you… or wait… ohhhhh blue space how I love you! Uhm… just doesn’t have the same ring to it, eh? To my graphic designer friends out there… What would you call it if it’s not “white space”… “negative space”? I think technically negative space is when the space surrounding an object forms a shape… right?  You know… like the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo 🙂 So, help me out here… what is the “blue space” in this image called????

We shot these photos where Kellie and Eric work out.  It’s within walking distance of her apartment… and it’s such a gorgeous setting! However, I do have to say the people who run here are freaking INTENSE! As in… if you’re not paying attention… runners will knock you down and trample you to death. Okay, I’m exaggerating… but only a littttttle bit.

I’m SO in love with this photo. 

I posted this photo as a teaser (like I always do) on our Facebook biz page… where Ryan (a past groomsman) wrote, “…more like kellie+epic!” Eric saw that and replied, “Thanks for the new nickname: ‘Epic.’ I’m asking Kellie to call me that from now on.” So, how’s that going for you Epic??? 😀 My favorite ❗

When Kellie first moved to Chicago she bought a bike from Target… you know, a cheapie, so that no one would steal it. Cheap or not… it didn’t work, it was stolen. So, they bought vintage used bikes and had them fixed up at a local bike shop… GOOD AS NEW! 😀 Now, they can practically leave them unchained and no one even touches them! GEEENIUS!

You two are good sports 🙂

more bars in more places… kellie&eric.

Kellie played soccer for almost her entire life… so when I saw this game happening I asked them to step in front of it so that it could be in the background. Yeah, I’m creative. 😉 As soon as they went down there the ball went out of bounds and Eric was about to have his soccer moment of glory… UNTIL that girl in neon green smashed his hopes and dreams… DEEENIED! Maybe you had to be there… it was hilarious, I promise. 🙂

Oh, to the photogs out there… doesn’t Eric look a wee bit like Justin Lyon???

After about 10 minutes of shooting here, transit authority informed us that photography was not allowed and asked us to leave.  Sometimes I’m convinced that I look like a terrorist. You know… of the Cabbage Patch variety. So Chicago photo friends, just an FYI… the “L” stands for “off Limits to photographers” 🙂



kellie+eric | chicago

wedding | may 21, 2011 • cincinnati, ohio

together | january, 2005

engaged | april, 2010

kellie | advertising account executive • hometown | cincinnati, ohio

eric | writer/editor • hometown | laporte, ind.

how they met (in two sentences), according to eric | “I was an editor at Indy Men’s Magazine, and she came to work there. I tried to set her up with two of my friends before she took a job and moved to Chicago, which is we we both realized, “Hey, wait a minute…”


You two are the definition of awesome.

Much love friends!


I was thinking of the next thing we were going to do when I realized that I was standing there in quite the pose… I turned my head and said something like… “Oh! I didn’t even notice I was posing like this… sexy just comes so naturally to me that I clearly can’t control it!” Of course my husband took a photo. 🙂

I wish I could remember what I was saying… 😀