Kat got ready in a GORGEOUS bed and breakfast in West Lafayette.












 Kat never quit making this face all day… she was one of the happiest brides I've ever met.










How SASSY is that scarf?!  It's SO Kat!










Some guys golf, some go fishing… we've even seen soccer.  But… NEVER have we seen Scrabble. 🙂  How cool is that!?  Here's Skip playing Scrabble with his three sons. Mikey's favorite ❓






Skip told Mike that Kat's favorite photo from their engagement session was the one where they were laying down.  Skip thought it would be fun to surprise Kat with a photo with his sons.  So… SURPRISE KAT!!!!!
















They saw each other before the ceremony… 🙂






 HOW CUUUUUTE ARE THEY?!  This photo really captures their relationship perfectly.  Skip was probably saying, "wow, you look beautiful!" and she was probably saying, "DON'T I?!" Gosh we LOVE you guys!  My favorite shot of the day ❗





Maybe you remember from their engagement session… but Kat and Skip got married at the Samara House… A Frank Lloyd Wright house 🙂











 Their ceremony was so perfect in every way… they had (now forgive me if I'm wrong) a flute, an accordion, a mandolin and a guitar… it was all just so them.






 Kat and Skip stayed true to EVERYTHING Samara.  I think the leaves that she had put in her bouquet were the same leaves from one of the plants on the grounds.  






Even as she's crying… she's smiling.  😀






Many of Kat's family is Hawaiian… at the end of their vows they had a lei ceremony where all of Kat's immediate family participated.  Hence… the lei's 🙂   That's the famous Dr. Christian on the far left sitting with his daughter Linda.  Dr. Christian owns the house 🙂





Skip's brother capturing it all on film.











 They memorized their vows… it was awesome.






There's that Lei Ceremony I was talking about earlier 🙂
















WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.  There are so many things that I love about these two and I don't even know where to begin.  GO FIGURE!

Kat Kat Kat Kat KATTTTT!!!! Wow.  She's SO INCREDIBLY full of life.  Gosh, I have SUCH a respect for her.  With Kat, you ALWAYS know what's on her mind.  She lives life to the max.  She's loud, she's funny, she cusses, she's comfortable in any situation, she's genuine, she's confident, and she's Kat… and well, we love her. 😀

Skip is quieter and BOY OH BOY does he have SUCH a huge amount of love for her.  Before the ceremony, it was just the two of us for a bit at the Samara House when Skip was telling me how much he loves her, respects her and was so happy to be marrying her.  AHHHH WHAT A PERFECT COUPLE!

Their ceremony… THEIR CEREMONY… by far my FAVORITE part of their day.  The way they looked at each other, how personal it was, the setting, (AYKM?!), the music, the vows, the intimacy… perfect.

And now that I've mentioned the Samara House a gazillion times… I have to say that this was the first wedding ever to be held there.  Neat, huh?!  Kat and Skip are HUGE Frank Lloyd Wright fans… I already knew that going in to their wedding day but I didn't know the extent of it.  From the table numbers, to the bouquet and even the program were all Frank Lloyd Wright themed.  Pretty neat, huh? 😀

To Kat and Skip, thank you so much for allowing us into your lives on well… the biggest day ever… it couldn't have been more perrrrfect.



Slide show time! Click here!  The user name is Kat's maiden name, and the password is Skip's last name in all lower case.

Their full gallery may be seen by clicking here!  The event key is Skip's last name.








 Mike, you are the bombdotcom. (Katie, I busted that out just for you)




❗ + ❓