…Katie writing her last minute notes to Ryan 🙂 Mikey's favorite ❓


 Uhm… yes… Hot pink shoes?! CHECK AND MARK!






Katie, you're so incredibly beautiful. 


…because it's our blog and we can. k? k. Mike, you're a genius!


 Anyone in there look familiar?  Look, second from the right… it's the gorgeous Laura 🙂


 So what were the guys doing while the girls were getting prettified? GO-CARTING!!!!! 


  Nothing wrong with a little Mister T style gold medal BLING. (Technically, he came in 4th… but he's the groom… so, he sort of won by default 🙂 )


 He rides that little scooter to work everyday… gets like 100 mpg. Yeah, that's very cool.


 …and true to bobbi+mike style… we found an abandoned truck…


 How amazingly BEAUTIFUL is this church?! My favorite ❗


 …Meet the flower girls mom. 🙂


 Mark's curtsy was just for me… because I'm a lady, duh. 


 Hi purple wall, thanks for being there for us.




 AAAAAARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Okay, another favorite ❗




 I love everything about this photo. EVERYTHING!!!!




 It wouldn't be a Cincinnati wedding if it wasn't a HELL of a party!




We're so proud of EVERY photo we took that day. How CUTE are you Katie?!


 Hi Eric.


  Ryan's Dad is a highly sought after DJ and does professional lighting for events… He did alllll of the lighting that day and I tell you, it was PHENOMENAL!!!!!! I hope he and his team travel to Indianapolis 🙂 Check him out here


CINCINNATI, Ohio. Writing the blog entry is often the hardest part for me… but I'll try. 🙂

First and foremost, Katie and Ryan are SUCH an incredible couple. We came home from this wedding and I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had that day. (Mike, however, was ready for me to shut up so he could sleep peacefully 🙂 )

Now, of course it's important to mention, if you didn't already notice (or if you're new to the blog)… this is our group… you know, the famous Cincinnati group 🙂 We're the lucky ones who get to photograph all of their weddings. No worries… there will be more 😀 I'm quite convinced of it… none are currently on the books.. but there are plenty of them left who aren't yet married…. 😀 

I just can't believe that having so much fun, loving so many people, standing right next to some of our favorite people on the biggest day of their lives is really our job?? MAN OH MAN WE ADORE THESE TWO!

We love you guys, and feel TRULY honored to be your wedding photographers. 🙂

Miss you already… but we'll see you soon, guaranteed.

Love love love love love love love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Hey studs and studettes!  You came back, and here's your reward.  Click here for the slide show.  The user name is Katie's maiden name, and the password is Ryan's last name, in all lower case.  Also, click here to view their entire gallery.  The event key is again ryan's last name.


Here we alllll are
🙂 OFFICIAL NEW RECORD! 5 brides, 5 grooms, 1 bobbi+mike 😉
 Top row: Justin, Joe, ❓ & Ryan.
Middle row: Kelly, Laura, ❗ & Katie.
Bottom row: Adam, Melanie, Erin & Eric.


 Mikey had a little competition while doing the altar shots…  (Not sure if you can tell, but the ring bearer has his own little camera 😉 )


Me, doing what I do. 🙂

❗ + ❓