Prepare yourselves folks for a smile-fest. 🙂
02_laurelhall_bobbimikeKatie and her two sisters. 🙂04_laurelhall_bobbimike03_laurelhall_bobbimikeYou are stunning. Absolutely stunning!05_laurelhall_bobbimike06_laurelhall_bobbimike….meanwhile….07_laurelhall_bobbimikeMeet the best man. 🙂
08_laurelhall_bobbimikeI love me a legit bow tie. 🙂09_laurelhall_bobbimikeKatie and her mom right before they walked down the aisle…. my favorite part of the whole day. 🙂10_laurelhall_bobbimikeBRUUUUUUUCE! Now I’ve seen quite a few cute pups at weddings, but Bruce takes the cake. 🙂 Is it wrong to say that this my favorite? I mean… come ON! A dog in a top hat is kiiiiind of irresistable! ❗11_laurelhall_bobbimike12_laurelhall_bobbimike13_laurelhall_bobbimike15_laurelhall_bobbimikeI loved this wedding. 🙂
16_laurelhall_bobbimikeBruce was a part of their engagement session too… I mean, if we’d had Murphy when we got married, it’d be a no brainer, he would have ABSOLUTELY been a part of our wedding. NO BRAINER!
17_laurelhall_bobbimikeKatie then had a quick hair change and we stepped out for a few more portraits. 🙂18_laurelhall_bobbimikeThe light that evening was so incredible.19_laurelhall_bobbimike20_laurelhall_bobbimike21_laurelhall_bobbimikeSharing a shot right before being introduced. 🙂 Mike’s favorite ❓22_laurelhall_bobbimike23_laurelhall_bobbimike24_laurelhall_bobbimikeHA! 798_KatieMichael_Wed_14Their photobooth props were quite the dance floor hit!25_laurelhall_bobbimikeI mean…. clearly…. quite the hit!  Yes yes yes, Mike’s unicorn head strikes again! 26_laurelhall_bobbimike27_laurelhall_bobbimike

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Indianapolis, Ind.

coordinator  •  Jen Barnette, Four Leaf Events
•  Kat Duncan, Zazu Chicago
makeup  •   Cori Downey, EyeMAX
florist  •  Coby Palmer Designs
ceremony & reception venue  •  Laurel Hall
ceremony musicians  •  White River Music
band  •  Spoken Four
cake  •   Taylors Bakery
limo  •  Advanced Limousines
catering  •  Jacquie’s Catering
dress  •  Amy Kuschel
custom bridesmaid dresses  •  Miriam Cecilia
tuxedo manufacturer  •  Tom James

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their songs

processional  •  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and Pachabel Canon
flowermaid processional  •  What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction
recessional   Hornpipe from Water Music, Handel
introductions   Shot at the Night, The Killers
first dance  •  Lover of the Light, Mumford & Sons

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 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Katie:  When I started walking into the ceremony.  I was SO nervous to have such an emotional moment in front of a large crowd of people.  The way I walked down the aisle in our venue, I actually came in facing everyone and then walked behind them before I started to walk down the ‘official’ aisle, so I got to immediately see everyone’s beautiful, loving faces as soon as my mom and I started walking.  I realized right away that we were surrounded by everyone we love most, and they were just as excited for that moment as I was, and I immediately felt so loved and so happy.  It washed all my nerves away instantly!

Michael: When I saw Katie for the first time.  That, and breaking it down with Hoebo (groomsman) to Billie Jean.

[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Find a way to slow time. Seriously. It was the best, most fun, most exciting, and fastest day of our lives. It’s all a blur, and I wish we’d been more diligent about trying to slow and savor the pace.

 [br]Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Several highlights, including Bruce (our dog) in a top hat, father of the groom crushing the dance floor, a number of photo booth props making their way onto the dance floor including the unicorn head atop Michael’s (normally very reserved) 15 year old sister, and the matron of honor calling out the maid of honor’s new boyfriend right after explaining in her toast that the Diggins sisters are VERY protective when new love interests come along.

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Other than that whole slowing the physics of time thing, not one bit.

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

San Francisco, Napa, and Hawaii 🙂

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BOBBI BRIDES! 😀 katie+bobbi+julia

bobbi+mike…. professional light tester models since 2006. PS. Mike… is that a flash battery pack in your pocket or are you…. well… you knowwwww…. 😉BB1_0924

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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