Nora is the most expressive baby in the history of all babies in all of the world…She definitely gets that expressiveness from her momma!
Beep beep beeeep!This is my favorite one of the bunch. ❗ The faces they’re making… same / same!Ohhhh Nora Jayne… you’re just the perfecto baby!We photographed their wedding five years ago… and it’s still one of my all time favorite weddings. 😀 It’s so damn cool that with our jobs we get to see people on some of the biggest days of their lives / watch a family grow. 🙂GAH! Another favorite! ❗The sky this day was impressively blue!

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Richmond, Ind.

katie+henry  ::  married 5 years  •  5.17.08

How they met, as told by Katie  ::  We met at IU (Bloomington), where we were in a higher education/student affairs grad program together. I was helping to plan our prospective-student welcome weekends and Henry volunteered to help on the committee.  The weekends had traditionally been called “Outreach”, but I renamed our committee meetings “MAKE-OUT reach fun” because I’m crazy and thought that dorky joke was hilarious. On the last night of the program, Henry and I kissed, so I guess my joke worked out for someone (Nora).

Katie  ::  Richmond, Ind.  ::  Attorney practicing higher education law  ::  five words – Caring, Crazy, Beautiful, Awesome-Mom, Funny

Henry  ::  hometown – Cabot, Ark.  ::  Attorney practicing communications law  ::  five words – Loving, Silly, Hard-working, Handsome, Voracious

Nora  ::  9 months  ::  7.9.12  ::  five words – Sweet, Expressive, (Silly) Goose, Adventurous, Happy

Your perfect Saturday  ::  Our perfect Saturday doesn’t have a schedule.  It would include: Chasing Nora around, grilling and eating outside, playing cards or a board game, naps, reading, singing, walking to the swings, and hanging out with some good friends.

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This one cracks me up! Katie’s clearly showing Nora how to ride a motorcycle… “Vroom vroom!”Peekaboo…!

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~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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