These photos make me want to snuggle.






Bring it in tight.











They make each other so happy.















The light this day was so perfect!

























 Fall rocks.
















ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS ONE?!  Our favorite ❗ + ❓






Kathy, you're so beautiful.




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. People ask us all of the time what our favorite thing to shoot is… My answer is: engagement sessions.  We get to know our couples and see them in love… it's just us and them… no pressure, just relaxing and fun.  Kathy and Nick were no exception… 🙂

They've been together for a long time… You can tell that they always know what the other is thinking.  They're so comfortable and at ease around one another. 

WE LOVE PEOPLE IN LOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!  I guess that's why being a wedding photographer suits us 🙂 Jeeze Louise we cannot WAIT for their May wedding… it's going to be awesome.

Love love love!



 When we were in college, Mike could do the splits… He always did it at parties… Random piece of Mike trivia there.










❗ + ❓