I love true-button up dresses. They’re not very common, they’re usually faux buttons hidden by a zipper. But I’ll tell you, dresses like this make for amazing images when struggling to button 😉Kate, you’re so damn cute! 

See that gorgeous sparkly belt? it went around her waist. Her mom (Linda 🙂 ) kept referring to it as Kate’s heirloom. Not because it was worn by people before Kate…. but because it will be worn by Kate’s daughters after her! GENUIS! It really was so gorgeous.See… told you that true-button dresses make for amazing images! 😀Hello there hot tamale. I love the way they’re both peaking…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!I knew that they would be hidden away behind that screen immediately after they recessed down the aisle. So, I snuck down the stairs from the choir loft to capture their first moments as husband and wife. They had NO idea they were being watched 🙂 OHHHH how I loved witnessing this. They both stood there looking straight ahead, smiling, overwhelmed and excited, saying nothing for about 10 seconds. Then it hit them… OH MY GOSH WE’RE MARRIED!  They embraced and I click click clicked, BADABOOM BADABING!This was the first of three of the HOTTEST wedding days we’ve photographed. Team wedding party though, they were in it to win it and worked it out regardless of the heat wave ;).
One thing I don’t quite understand is why more grooms don’t buy a suit… you know… one that truly fits them… one they can have and wear for a long long time?! I get it, it’s cheaper to rent one. But, how many times have you guys worn poorly fitting rental tuxes as groomsmen? Meanwhile, the bride is wearing thousands of dollars worth of amazingness that she can never wear again. All of this coming from Frugal Fran here (I just made that name up… just now 😉 HA! Frugal Fran… that makes me laugh… ANYWAY… ). I’m not saying all of the groomsmen need to wear a tailored suit, just the groom. And that’s exactly what Jonathan and his groomsmen did! You can’t even tell that they don’t 100% match, can you?! But you can tell this… Jon looked snazzariffic!
It was unfortunate that this amazingly lit forest was covered in mosquitos. Kate got bitten and she’s majorly allergic. Her shoulder started swelling up, and swelling up big! Well, I have a very similar reaction to them as she does…. So what did I do? After I saw how big the mosquito bite was getting… well… I gave her shoulder a REALLY good slap… followed by ANOTHER really good slap… then the kiss of death… you know… the fingernail dug in X. 😀 For me, that’s the best itch relief! It keeps you from scratch scratch scratching it thus keeping it from swelling up.  😉 Here’s the funniest part of the story. Right as I did it, another bride/groom/wedding party was standing right beside us. I looked over and noticed the bridesmaids looking at me in horror. Imagine the mental picture! The short fiery red-headed photographer slapping the bride. 🙂  I’m happy to report that Kate came to me at the end of the night thanking me for saving her shoulder from the mosquito bite of death. She was 100% shocked to see how much it helped. 😀 So, to the other wedding party… see, I did it because I care! 😀INTRODUCING FOR THE FIRST TIME…. AS HUSBAND AND WIFE…. 😀GET IT!


indianapolis, ind.

hair •  Divas
makeup •  Eyemax, Kiralee Hubbard
florist Posh Petals
church •  St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
reception venue •  Indiana State Museum
dj •  Jim Cerone
cake •  Classic Cakes
dress •  Judd Waddell
bridesmaid dresses •  Alfred Sung
tuxCalvin Klein


their songs

parents: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” –Bach
bridal party: “Canon in D” –Pachelbel
bride: “Trumpet Tune” –H. Purcell

recessional  • La Rejouissance from Royal Fireworks Music –G. F. Handel

wedding party • Chelsea Dagger –The Fratellis
bride & groom • “Are You In” –Incubus

cake cutting  • “Your Body is a Wonderland” (Instrumental) –John Mayer

first dance  • “Better Together” –Jack Johnson

bouquet toss • “Clumsy” –Fergie

garter toss • “Blame It” –Jamie Foxx

last dance  • “Sweet Home Chicago” –Blues Brothers • “Guitars & Tiki Bars” –Kenny Chesney


What was the most memorable moment of your day?
kate: Jon and I were able to escape for a few minutes to the balcony to look out over our reception during the cocktail hour.  We got to enjoy a drink and appetizers and had the opportunity to see the result of all our work over the past year and a half.
jon: When I was standing up at the altar and Kate and her brothers were starting to walk down the aisle, I looked quickly at everyone trying to see her.  After they got their glimpse of her, I quickly felt everyone’s eyes land on me. At that point I had the biggest smile on my face, and my eyes were locked on her.

What was your favorite detail?
kate: At my seat at the head table, Jon placed a framed picture of Luke our boxer wearing a black tie so that he could be “with  us” at our reception.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
Set your mind to record and take a second to enjoy because the day goes too fast!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Hire a different limo company 😉

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Virgin Gorda, BVI and St. Thomas, USVI



Much love you two!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓We call this look “go mode.” AKA, it’s really hot, our limo bus doesn’t have working AC, and the wedding party doesn’t want to be outside…. so, let’s GO! 😀  Boy oh boy do I look intense! I promise you, I’m not as mean as I appear! Promise!

❗ + ❓