This team is from Illinois and they’re getting married in Illinois… but they now live in Hawaii. When Kate said that she they were planning on wearing shorts to our 30° engagement session I about flipped. She said something along the lines of, “I know it’s crazy, but it’s what we wear everyday in Hawaii and it makes the most sense.” UHMMMM… ARE YOU SUUUUURE YOU WANT TO WEAR SHORTS?! I have to say, I was very nervous about this… but Kate and Doug did not disappoint… they didn’t complain even once about the cold. 🙂

This scene? OHHHH SOOOO MAJESTIC!!!! Another perfectly gorgeous Fall engagement session… She asked for a few photos that looked a little more “Hawaii-like” for use in their marketing materials (they own a farm there)… given that Hawaii doesn’t really have a “leaves-change-color-then-fall-off-of-the-trees” season… I was on a mission for some greeeeen! I decided this looked like a rain forest. 😉 Doug I love your curls. Then they changed into something a bit warmer and we headed to the library. Why the library?  Because they love to read…. duhhhh… 🙂 Mike’s favorite ❓My view. Mike’s view. Then back outside we went. Love. Kate, you’re stunning. Doug, I’m strangely obsessed with your hair.  That image on the left? It’s my favorite ❗
WACKY MIKE STRIKES AGAIN! For our photographer friends… this one was taken with the Tilt Shift 45mm f/2.8.I rarely take individual portraits during engagement sessions… but hey… I was feelin’ it that day. 😀
Welcome to Libertyville!Where we ended the session… 🙂I’d like to officially title this image “Beer Bling” 😉

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Libertyville, Ill.

kate+doug  ::  currently living in Holualoa, Hawaii

Together  ::  August 7, 2010  •  Engaged  ::  August 22, 2012  •  Wedding  ::  October 18, 2014  ::  Chicago, Ill.

Kate ::  ex-attorney, current coffee farmer  ::  Hometown  •  Libertyville, Ill.  ::   five words  •  adventurous, intelligent, super fun, resourceful, affectionate 

Doug  ::  ex-equity trader, current coffee farmer  •  Hometown  •  Winnetka, Ill.  ::   five words  •  funny, shy, loving, youthful, motivated

How they met, as told by Kate ::  We met at my friend’s birthday party in Chicago. Doug worked with a friend of mine from undergrad and brought him along to the party.


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That image on the right cracks me up!  That’s how you stand when you’re 5’2″ and you need to be 5’8″. HA!…testing my light with this hunk of a man. 😀 HUBBA HUBBA!

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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