I’m obsessed with Kate’s eyes. Oh, and her hair. And her perfect skin. Okay, I’m sounding like a creeper… I’ll shush now.

Chris, I love how much you love her.

Kate was a bridesmaid in Niki’s and Justin’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Needless to say, the last time we hung out… the weather was QUITE different than what you see here! BTW,  Niki just had her baby… on the 4th of July! Welcome Charlie!!!! 😀 As you can see, Niki and Justin only like for big life events to happen on major holidays. 😉

SUCH luscious lips!!!!


Mikey’s view. And his favorite. ❓

While California photographers shoot in fields of lavender, gorgeous yellow flowers, vineyards at every corner and awesome rolling hills… we here in the midwest work it OUT with the WEEEEEDS!!!! You don’t scare me CA photogs!

You guys know I can’t resist me a parked bicycle!

A client recently put a photo from their engagement session on Facebook… it was a photo like this that didn’t show their faces. The clients family member saw it and said something along the lines of… “uhm… why can’t I see your faces… the engagement session is supposed to be about the two of you, right?!” WELLLLL…. yes… and we take plenty of those. HOWEVER, faces aren’t the only thing that represent who we are.  When I see this image that focuses entirely on their body language… I know how much they adore each other.   In my OH SO humble opinion… this shot is MONEY!!!!!! 😀 If this were of me and Mike, I’d hang this as a canvas above my bed. Just sayin’. Okay, jumping off my soap box now 😉

I can’t get over how flipping gorgeous you are Kate. My favorite, HANDS down! ❗ CHECK AND MARK!

THENNNN we got to meet Marley 🙂 It is no secret that I am not a dog person… in the least. HOWEVER, this puppy is CUUUUTE! He has SO much personality and curiousity. I liked Marley, a lot! (that’s sayin’ something!) He’s a mix of a pug and a ? <- I can’t remember the second half… UPDATE: just got a message from Kate. He’s a puggle, a pug and beagle mix. 🙂

The faces Marley would make kept reminding me of the hyenas from “The Lion King”. Do you see it, too? Or am I crazy? I promise I don’t mean that as an insult… promise! Those hyenas, though evil… were cute! (Marley is the furthest thing from evil…!)


indianapolis, ind.

wedding: november 13, 2010 • evansville, ind.

together | august 23, 2008

engaged | february 14, 2009

kate | project manager – marketing agency • hometown | mt. carmel, ill.

chris | production – toyota • hometown | evansville, ind.


And like always…. HEEEEEERE I AM!

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