1 bridesmaid putting on her shoes.

2 bridesmiads putting on earrings

1 bridesmaid applying lipstick

1 MOB zipping a zipper

1 awesome bride who brought 'em all together


















 And this is one of the MANY perks to being a wedding photographer… HOT MEN IN TUXES!!!!!





One of my favorites   ❗









 HAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I said "touch cheeks" and THIS is what they did 🙂  Nice capture Mikey!










We made a quick trip to Europe for this one…  😉










Mikey's favorite ❓









 Another Mikey capture.  I have NO idea what I was doing/saying… but it musta been funny 😀





Jelly beans and a rock.. who can resist?!









Brian and his fraternity brothers… I think he was buried in the middle.





Kat and Abby, you're so lucky to have him as your dad.





 This is another favorite… I think it really captures the Kat that we all adore. ❗





Kat and her sorority sisters.  My view. 





 Mikey's view.





 Brian, you make me smile.





 Gosh… going through and looking at these photos is making me a little emotional… I just love how much these two really embrace and love their lives, families, friends and each other.  They live so fully.  We adore you two.  














I'm in the midst of having a mini anxiety attack over here.  Why you ask?  Because their day was such a whirlwind of awesomeness and I know that whatever I write here won't be able to truly put into words how awesome it was.  I'll try…

Brian is the smilingest person we've ever met, EVER!  He's SO fun!  Sometimes, when taking posed photos, I ask people to give me their best "not smile."  Brian's not smile is still well… a smile. 😀 

Kat is one of the funniest people we know.  I never stopped laughing the ENTIRE day.  Her bridesmaids were hilarious, too.  There was a LOT of funny goin' down that day!  My cheeks were hurting the next day from laughing so much (the ones on my face, HA!).  

WOWZAS what a happy day!

Kat and Brian never stopped dancing.  Have I mentioned how fun they are?! I really think that the photos speak for themselves though… 😀

We LOVE feeling like we're wedding guests who just happen to have ooh la la cameras… and that's EXACTLY how we felt that day.  Yeah… we're lucky lucky lucky people. 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓






I said, "make her laugh!" this is what she did. HAHAHA!









Last but not least… we decided to do some prom photos.  😀 HA HA HA!!!!! 

We did two contrasting "couples" These are SOOOO funny to me! 


The best man Sam and the Maid of Honor Abby.  They're the "awkward couple" who didn't really want to go to prom together… but going together was better than going alone.  Notice Sam isn't even looking at the camera? HILAAAAARIOUS!


Allllllllrighty then (can you tell Ace Ventura is on?)!  Slide show is up, click here!

The user name is Kat's last name, and the password is Brian's last name, in all lower case.  Also, to view their full gallery, click here.  The event key is Brian's last name.





And of course the "OH SO IN LOVE high school sweethearts"  Maybe they'll win prom king and queen… I'd vote for them!  Told you I didn't quit laughing all day!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!