We love photographing families… especially when they’re as awesome as this family is. 🙂

I always try to snap a quick pic of all of our sessions with my iPhone for Instagram… This little set up was the one I chose. 🙂 Click for the Instagram version.  My favorite ❗I mean really… how fun does this family look?!  Mike’s favorite. ❓
Look up the word “delightful” in the dictionary you’ll find a photo of these sisters. No lie!…this families first ever session. REEEEALLY?! You’d think they had done it 100 times before! This team was so great and fun to photograph.
LOVE THIS FAMILY!Karyn came to one of our very first photography workshops and I’ve adored her ever since. 🙂I loved all of their outfits. 🙂
Sometimes when we’re photographing families I just know in that very instant, with 100% certainty, that that image I captured is going to be hanging in these sister’s houses for the rest of their lives.  That was my thought at this exact moment. 🙂 I’m so crazy about this image.  Karyn, you’re a beautiful momma. SO beautiful! Another favorite ❗Oh man oh mannnn… that image on the left?! I’M IN LOOOOOVE WITH IT!

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Cincinnati, Ohio

karyn+darrel  ::  married 14 years • 12.19.98

How they met, as told by Karyn  ::  We met orientation weekend Darrell’s freshman year in college (my sophomore year) through mutual friends. While we were friends during school, we didn’t start dating until after graduation. He moved to England and I moved to Seattle and soon after an email courtship began. A summer spent touring Europe together confirmed our compatibility and we moved back to the Midwest to begin planning our wedding.

Karyn ::  hometown – Cambridge, Ohio.  ::  pastry maker and picture taker  ::  five words –  talented, visual, sensible, meticulous, surprising 

Darrel  ::  hometown – Anderson, Ind.  ::  law professor  ::  five words –  intelligent, pugnacious, caring, diligent, handsome

Sophia  ::  9 years old  ::  9.29.03  ::  five words –   ebullient, studious, messy, affectionate, writer

Iris  ::  7 years old  ::  6.9.06  ::  five words –  curious, energetic, observant, creative, nature-lover

Your perfect Saturday  ::   A perfect day in our family would begin with homemade waffles and crispy bacon, an outing to the art museum or a walk through the woods, lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, and some reading time for all. We’d wrap it up with either a casual grill-out with friends or movie night at home with popcorn. And not that microwaveable crap. The real kind made on the stove with actual butter.

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While I was shooting a few images of mom and dad, I looked over and saw this happening. 😀Mike said to me… “are you ready?!”

“Uhmmm… for what… ?”

“Are you ready???”

“Uhm… yeah, I guess so.”

Then this

It seems that Darrel was just as shocked as I was! 😀 Speaking of… look at Sophia and Darrel’s face? Same // Same!  Oh how I love families and genetics. 🙂

Photo by Sophia. 🙂

[br] [br]It was a true delight and an honor to photograph your family. Thank you. 🙂

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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