FINALLY BLOGGING OUR FALL WORKSHOP SESSIONS!!!! 😀 I assure you team… it will be well worth the wait! First up… Kaitlyn and Joe! 😀

I’m warning you now… I have quiiiite a few favorites… here’s one of them. ❗01_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14It rained the entire time… and it was really cold… and well… it wouldn’t be legit a bobbi+mike workshop if we were handed an easy situation! 😉 Side note: if you know me… you KNOW I cannot resist me a John Lennon poster! After all, he IS my favorite Beatle! Mike’s favorites ❓02_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14How stinking CUTE are they?! 03_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14Uhm… Kaitlyn? YOU.ARE.BEAUUUUTIFULLLLL!!!!! Another favorite. ❗04_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14Man oh man… I can’t thank you two enough for rolling with the punches!05_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14Most of what you’re seeing here we shot under awnings… unless you see them carrying an umbrella… 06_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14You two have the best smiles! 😀
07_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14….have I mentioned that these two were a couple of troopers?! YEAH! THEY WERE! 08_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_1409_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14I love your love. 🙂
10_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14I can’t not smile when I see this. ARE YOU WITH ME?! Of course you are.. I see you smilin’ over there!
11_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14My final favorite! ❗ AHHHH!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!12_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  November, 2011 •  Wedding  ::  May 17, 2014  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Kaitlyn ::  School-Based Therapist  •  Hometown  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.  •   five words  ::  Beautiful. Outgoing. Compassionate. Godly. Creative

Joe  ::  Farmer for Public Greens   •  Hometown  ::  Anderson, Ind.  •   five words  ::  passionate, kind, gentle and a beautiful human.

How they met, as told by Kaitlyn   ::  We were both underage and sneaking in the back door of a bar to see an awesome band play in Muncie. I was taking a photo of some friends in that secret hallway when a cute boy stuck his booty in front of the camera. I snapped the photograph. It was tagged on Facebook and two days later he asked me on a date! The rest is history 🙂


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Can you SEE the rain?! ….yeahhhhh…. 😉 I was NOT telling you lies Internet!13_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14Best friend Ben helping… 😉 He reminds me of Steve Martin in The Jerk, “…and that’s all I need…” 😀 On the right, it’s Mike wearing Kaitlyn’s hat! 😉 I really am the luckiest girl I know… to be surrounded by some of the best/silliest people I’ve ever met… Never a dull moment I tell you! 14_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_1415_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_1416_KaitlynJoe_bobbimikeworkshop_14Official Team Portrait of Worskhop #17!

A HUGE thanks to ProDPIRenaissance AlbumsRewind DocumentariesSecond Street CreativeVSCOLawTogProPhoto BlogBlogStompAlbumDraft, annnnnd The Bobbi Shop 😉 for your contributions to our workshop!

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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