julia & dave
julia & dave
Julia & Dave
Amelia Island, Florida

I’ve been SO excited to share this wedding with you! Julia and Dave’s day was nothing short of perfection. I mean, it was a destination wedding in Florida… and it rained the entire day… but it really was such an awesome day.  Instead of allowing the rain to turn their day into a bummer, they embraced it. 🙂 See Julia’s answer at the end of this entry to “If you could do it all over, would you change anything?”… that about sums up their amazingness. 😉
See that pretty blonde on the right? That’s Nicole… we photographed her Chicago wedding in 2010 where Julia was a maid of honor. 🙂“So get this…” Doesn’t it look like that’s what he’s saying? 😉Transposing his vows from his iPad to index cards.When I arrived Julia asked me… “Should I wear my hair down or should I put it partly up?”

I asked, “How does your hair hold a curl?”

“Really well.”

“Don’t you usually wear it down?”

The bridesmaids chimed in… “Yes, always.”

“Then yes, no question… wear it down!”

On that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to give you all my 2¢ (you guys know I’ll take every chance I can get to give my advice!)… I’m a big believer in looking like a beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. If you wear your hair down usually, do that. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, don’t go crazy. I mean, just my 2¢. (For more Bobbi tidbits, be sure to go “like” the Facebook biz page 😉 )

An another note, how GORGEOUS is Ann’s dress?! One of the most beautiful Mother of the Bride dresses I’ve ever seen!
OHHHH JUUUUUULIAAAAAA!!!! You’re SUCH a beautiful bride! For REAL! And the hair down?! Man oh man, you’re gorgeous!None of us had an umbrella on hand… so they improvised!
Julia’s dad met her in the trolly before the ceremony.Their ceremony was so genuine and sweet. Loved every second. 

Reading his vows.This was their back up location to their originally planned outdoor ceremony… REEEEEALLY?! Your BACK UP location?! It was awesome. 🙂YOU’RE MARRRRRIED!!!!A 2013 addition to the bbmk umbrella collection… white! Hey bridesmaids, we’re photographing all of your future weddings… just thought you should know in advance. 😉
I’m not gonna lie, shooting in the rain was a weeeee bit stressful… but this team rolled with the punches like CHAMPS!

OH SO enchanting!Dave’s siblings gave a most memorable toast!
It’s tradition! 😉Dave’s expression? Priceless!
Such a fun reception!
Notice the cups? When the dancing started the bar switched to clear plastic lidded cups w/cute straws; now THAT’S genius. Goodbye spills!The guests spontaneously started singing “God Bless America” right as Julia and Dave exited through the sparklers. It was the most hilariously perfect end to such an amazing day. My favorite ❗

Julia, Dave, family, friends… thanks for making the most out of what many would have allowed to put a damper on their day. You guys are an incredible bunch and I can’t wait to see you all again!

Much love friends.

~bobbi ❗


Oh man… that hairdo?! My hair and the rain are NOT friends. I actually have pretty curly / wavy hair naturally so I knew that wearing my hair up was the only option. Though I felt like a hot mess all day. bride+groom+bobbi+groomsmen with umbrella+two videographers. 🙂