jessi & jeff
jessi & jeff
Indianapolis • IN

Blog readers… meet Jessi, she’s one in a million! 01_BobbiSheridan_JJW15And on the right, that’s Gina, Jessi’s beautiful mom. 😀 She’s one of the most talented, authentic, and caring people I’ve ever met. If you’re lucky to know her, throw yourself a high five.003_JessiJeff_Wed02_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Rose gold!
06_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Here’s Jeff, he’s as kind as he is handsome. 147_JessiJeff_WedMany of the bridesmaids wrote Jessi a letter…
089_JessiJeff_WedTHE DRESS! 03_BobbiSheridan_JJW15…but his voice… HUBBA HUBBA! Blog readers, I SO wish you could hear it! If I describe it, it will sound like I have a crush on him… so I’ll just leave it at that! 07_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Jessi couldn’t look at her dad without crying. I adore both of their expressions. Two peas in a pod these two! My favorite ❗04_BobbiSheridan_JJW15I MEAN… LOOOOOK AT HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIS DAUGHTERS!!!! Oh man, to know this man is to love him… and that’s the damn truth! 05_BobbiSheridan_JJW15HEYYYY THERE BEAUUUUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS! 08_BobbiSheridan_JJW15….meanwhile….10_BobbiSheridan_JJW15On the right, she’s standing outside the ceremony area listening in… then she got SUUUUPER hype!09_BobbiSheridan_JJW15The way that they look at each other is pure magic. It’s a rarity I tell you!11_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Let’s take a moment to give a shout out to that floral wreath of amazingness above them… HOLY PERFECTION BATMAN! Yet again Gina, you outdid yourself. 🙂
12_BobbiSheridan_JJW15PURE MAGIC! 13_BobbiSheridan_JJW15The Scottish Rite…. one of THE most beautiful venues in Indianapolis… full disclosure… it’s TOUGH to white balance… but let’s be real… I kiiiinda nailed it. 😉14_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Ohhhhh Jessi! I love that you are 100% you 100% of the time.  Sidenote: notice the sister drama happening behind them? HA! 15_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Oh, I’m suuuure you noticed how fit these two are… Click here… recognize anyone there? 😉16_BobbiSheridan_JJW1518_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Have I mentioned how much I love the Scottish Rite?! BECAUSE I DOOOO!17_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Such a fun wedding party! 😀  For the few of you who are not yet married, CALL ME! I want to photograph your future weddings! 19_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Jeff’s dance with his mom was perfect in every way. 20_BobbiSheridan_JJW15During the father/daughter dance… Mom and sisters watching and singing. 😀21_BobbiSheridan_JJW1522_BobbiSheridan_JJW1523_BobbiSheridan_JJW15Put a few Crossfitters in a bouquet toss and THIS is what you get! DAMN!!! YOU GIRLS BE INTENSE! 😉 24_BobbiSheridan_JJW15“Bad Romance”  -LadyGaga, performed by Jessi and Mary. 816_JessiJeff_WedPeekaboo! 26_BobbiSheridan_JJW15 I love your love. 🙂 834_JessiJeff_Wed

When one of the hardest working and most talented wedding coordinators in the city asks you to photograph not one but TWO of her daughter’s weddings… you add that shiz to your damn resume!  I love this family. 😀

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗