I’ve seriously been SO excited to show you these! You’re about to fall in love with this couple, I guarantee it.

Heeeere youuuuuu gooooo… bbmk workshop #10!Shawn is the brother of Sara, a bride that we photographed back in 2008… when we met them then, they were newly engaged. Since then, they’ve gotten married and have a perfect son named Grayson. When Jessica emailed and said she’d be interested in being a workshop model… I couldn’t have been more excited!While processing these, my face hurt from smiling so much… No lie!Are you kidding me with how much love is in this image?! AHHHH!!!!! My favorite ❗Shawn’s dimples?! LOVE THEM!You can’t tell by looking at these images, as the two of them look SO stinking happy, but the weather this day… well let’s just say that if it weren’t a workshop session, we probably would have rescheduled. It was pouring rain all the way up until the session and the wind chill was in the teens. To be frank, it was down-right miserable. These two handled it like champs! On behalf of the workshop attendees, we are so very thankful for the two of you!Loving those boots!Whoa?! 😉If you guys could see where we photographed this… You’d be throwing us high fives! Mike’s favorite ❓A smiling/cheering hamburger and fries?! Don’t mind if we do!Then we ended our session in a field…Jessica, you are so ridiculously cute…. I can’t stand it!OHHHH how we adore you two!!!

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  8.9.05  •  Engaged  ::  5.8.08  •  Married  ::  1.17.09

Jessica :: Gifts Coordinator & Mommma  ::  Hometown  •  Fishers, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Organized, Smiley, Noisy, Caring, Hot

Shawn  :: IT Project Manager  •  Hometown  •  Valparaiso, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Engaging, Rock, Love, Funny, Home

How they met, as told by Jessica ::  “We met at Champs in Keystone during a Dave and Rae performance night.  We actually had a college class together, but never officially met because Shawn was a nerd in the front of the room and I was social in the back of the room. Ha! We saw each other everyday for two weeks after first meeting, which is how long it took him to get up the nerve to kiss me!”

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Freezing cold and wet? Honey badger don’t care! Mike, I love you so stinkin’ much!Workshop #10. What an awesome team!

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Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike  ❗ + ❓

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