I love my job 🙂


Mikey's favorite ❓


 What a gorgeous family… right?! RIGHT! Jess, you're flipping BEEEEAUTIFUL!!! And Brett…. AYKM?! HOT TAMALE TOWN, USA!!!! 


 …ring around the rosie…


My view.


 Mikey's view 🙂


 Brett, you have some STRONG genes!!!


 My favorite ❗ I want this one in my studio. I WILL have this one in my studio!


 Then they busted out the instruments!



 Jess with her girl… and Brett with his boys 🙂


 Goodnight everyone 🙂


CINCINNATI, Ohio. If you've been reading this blog for the past year… then you already know these two.  OR, if you read good photography blogs… then you already know these two. 😀 You see, we photographed Jess and Brett last September and since then have grown into friends. 🙂 Oh, and as I just sorta mentioned… they happen to be RIDICULOUSLY talented photographers… so, BONUS!!!!

So, when it came time for them to have family photos… we were SO incredibly excited!  I've been following the Z-family adventures on their blog for a while… and felt like I already knew them 🙂 But now that we've actually MET the team… they're OFFICIALLY stuck with us… because we're HUGE fans!  

You know… Jess home schools these kids, is an INCREDIBLE mother, runs a photography business, looks FLAWLESS, and is an amazing wife…. HOW.DOES.SHE.DO.IT?! I'm… without kids, about ready to pull my hair out… You blow me away Miss Jess! 

I can't wait to do it alllllll again next year and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that!  


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



 Okay… so, I debated putting this photo up. I mean, AYKM?! I'm in a POOL of sweat.  Truth be known… when I'm shooting… I'm pretty intense… and could care less about my insecurities…. as it's NOT about me… it's entirely about getting the shot. I posted a tweet soon after the session, "confession: it embarrasses me how much I sweat when I shoot." To which I had SOOOOO many responses of people hugely relieved that they weren't alone.  So, to just get it out there… here's the evidence. I SO canNOT believe I'm posting this… It's disgusting… but, it's real… and I'm a fan of real 😀   So for those thinking that photography is a coosh job… I can ASSURE you it's not… WE WORK HARRRRD!


 I LOVE HIGH FIVES!!!!! …they motivate me 😉

❗ + ❓