Yep… you read that right! The famous Z family is back… and their cool factor hasn’t let up, even a little bit! 😀 Last time we photographed them was nearly four years ago. Click to be reminded of their amazingness.That blue wall… I’m in love!  It’s the perfect combo of muted and saturated. 😉 Priya… you’re gorgeously gorgeous! Love that big ol’ sweet smile. 😀 I can’t wait to see where your life takes you, wherever it is… it’s going to be big. Right Priya?! 😀
See that little ledge? It’s mayyyybe six inches deep. Brett is the original crazy climbing monkey man… so it’s only fitting that his sons climbed up there all on their own while I was photographing Priya. So, I asked Brett to join them. 😀I love these boys! Each of them with their own unique personality… each of them destined for greatness. 😀Their outfits?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!??!! Perfectly coordinated. But really?! Did you expect anything less? Me neither. EVERYONE is ALLLLLWAYYYYYS saying that Priyya is her momma’s clone… me included. HOWEVERRRR… look at Brett and Priya standing there… there is NO denying that he is her daddy baba!
Oh man oh man ohhhhh man!  Have you ever seen a more attractive / fashionable parenting duo?! And Jess, good hair day!
Love them!That image on the left? I took the same one four years ago. Are you prepared to be blown away by a growth spurt?! Because you better be before you click! Such a gorgeous team. 🙂 I’m so inspired by watching Jess and Brett be parents.Image on the left? My favorite. ❗ See that blanket? Grandma made it. Last time we photographed this family, they were all laying on it. Grandma passed recently. Now the blanket means more to them than ever. What a perfect homage. Image on the right? Taken on their patio. 🙂 I’m not sure if you can tell with the image so small but Jess, Adin and Priya are all making the exaaaaaact same face!See Gabe sucking on his fingers? He’s does it when he’s sleepy and has been doing it his whole life.  Oh how I adore this family!

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Cincinnati, Ohio

jess+brett  ::  married ~15 years • 12.23.98

How they met, as told by Jess  ::  Although we went to the same small private school growing up, he never knew me, but I noticed him. We officially met when he was 23 and I was 19. After hanging out as friends for a few months we both were smitten. We married 6 months later, and have been making magic (and babies) since.

Jess  ::   Homeschool teacher/Photographer  ::  five words – compassionate, appreciative, instinctive, patient, virtuous

Brett   ::  Homeschool teacher/Photographer/Software Engineer  ::  five words – dedicated, intelligent, loyal, eccentric, foodie

Priya  ::  13  ::  10/05/99  ::  five words – creative, thoughtful, competitive, kind, vivacious

Adin  ::  11  ::  7/05/02  ::  five words – determined, confident, nature-loving, sensitive, outgoing

Riah  ::  9  ::  7/29/04  ::  five words – smiley, high-spirited, affectionate, patient, artistic

Gabe  ::  6  ::  6/09/07  ::  five words – sweet, energetic, tender, comedian, cuddle-bug

Your perfect Saturday  ::  Waking up late with nothing we have to do! You could just stop there. 😉 If you must add–brunch made by Baba (Brett), time for reading, records spinning, a magically clean house, doors open with breeze blowing in, and a glass of wine in hand.

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Oh hey look who came along! 😀Déjà vu!
Adin your impression of Murphy is so spot on that I can hardly tell who is who! 😉 Luckily Murphy doesn’t wear hats… dead giveaway! 

[br] [br] [br] [br] We love you guys! Thanks for enriching our lives with your friendship. 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br] [br] [br]