One of my all time favorite families at one of my all time favorite houses…
05_ZFamBobbi_15This is the fourth time I’ve photographed this family I adore so much. The first time, second, third and now this. 🙂04_ZFamBobbi_15This time Jess and Brett wanted to have the session in their home.
02_ZFamBobbi_15Why their home?
01_ZFamBobbi_15Well because the week after this session they sold their house, bought a trailer and have since been traveling across the country experiencing life to it’s fullest. Follow along with their adventures here and here.
06_ZFamBobbi_15AAAADIIINNNN! I know how much you hate getting your photo taken… BUT WHYYYYY??!?!? LOOOOOK HOW HANNNNDSOME YOUUUUU AAAAAARE!!!!! 03_ZFamBobbi_15I love everything about this image. 10_ZFamBobbi_15I usually have a pretty strict 12-18 blog images from every session… but I couldn’t resist going a liiiiittle over board on this one. Don’t judge me. 08_ZFamBobbi_15As I was photographing them, I noticed how their legs fit into each other so perfectly. I love marriage.09_ZFamBobbi_15Hi Gabe.  You couldn’t remind me any more of your daddy if you tried. 07_ZFamBobbi_15I adore this team. 11_ZFamBobbi_15Jess’ favorite room in the whole house. 🙂 I kiiiiiind of have to agree… 😀 It really is perfect.
14_ZFamBobbi_15Jess, what paint color is this wall? 12_ZFamBobbi_15Riah is incredibly talented. He’s an artist, a musician and will someday be an architect. No one told me that, I just decided it… just now… 😉16_ZFamBobbi_15The youngest of the Z family… Gabe… the session was scheduled on his birthday. YOU KNOWWWW HOW MUCH I LOOOOOVE BIRRRRRTHDAYYYYYS!!!!! I went a little crazy when I arrived.
15_ZFamBobbi_15I’ve never seen a more comfortable marriage.
17_ZFamBobbi_15Priya, you are a beautiful, talented and intelligent woman both inside and out… those of us who know you and love you… we’re lucky. 🙂18_ZFamBobbi_15Jussssst because he’s 8 doesn’t mean he’s not the baby anymore, right momma? 🙂19_ZFamBobbi_15AYKM?! Same Same! I told you Gabe was his daddy’s mini-me. 🙂20_ZFamBobbi_15How can you not adore this family?!21_ZFamBobbi_15He wanted to show me how good he was at flipping the pancakes. For the record, he reeeeeally is good at flipping pancakes!22_ZFamBobbi_1523_ZFamBobbi_15Dinner time! 24_ZFamBobbi_15Rummy.
238_Zwolinsky_June201525_ZFamBobbi_15Happy Birthday Gabe!236_Zwolinsky_June2015

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Cincinnati, Ohio

jess+brett  ::  married ~17 years • 12.23.98

How they met, as told by Jess  ::  Although we went to the same small private school growing up, he never knew me, but I noticed him. We officially met when he was 23 and I was 19. After hanging out as friends for a few months we both were smitten. We married 6 months later, and have been making magic (and babies) since.

Jess  ::   Homeschool teacher/Photographer  ::  five words – compassionate, intuitive, virtuous, meek, purposeful

Brett   ::  Homeschool teacher/Photographer/Software Engineer  ::  five words – dedicated, inquisitive, persevering, foodie, mountain-man

Priya  ::  16  ::  five words – ambitious, joyful, gregarious, independent, musician

Adin  ::  13  ::  five words – amicable, driven, inquisitive, determined, nature-lover

Riah  ::  11  ::   five words – creative, sensitive, thoughtful, athletic, perfectionist

Gabe  ::  8  ::   five words – daring, tender, big-hearted, energetic, comedian


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Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗

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