For those of you who live in Indianapolis… remember two weeks-ish ago when we had tornado sirens going off in the midst of a pretty major thunderstorm and a torrential down pour?!? Yeah, THAT was the day we photo’d this session. mmmhmmmm… wow to that, right!? You see, alllll day long they had been calling for a 30% chance of thunderstorms, which to us also means a 70% chance of NOT thunderstorms… or so we hoped! These two were driving in from 2.5 hours away.  So, by the time we realized that there was a 100% chance of ridiculous weather… they were already halfway here. HMMMM… WHAT TO DO?!!? Me, the ever-optimist KNEW we could make something work 🙂

As you’re about to see, they, wanting to use Jess’ dads ’68 Impala, decided to drive it here, OH! I was SO excited!!!!! WELLLLLLLL…. little did they know that the car has seen better days… and the usual 2.5 hour trip took… FOUR HOURS! Can you imagine!? OH YES! FOUR HOURS! That means, due to this amazing car… they were 1.5 hours late. For any of you who’ve ever been photo’d by us… you know that we usually set up our sessions a few hours before sunset… so, do the math 🙂 Combine that with some awesome thick overcast and BADABOOM BADABING… we were shooting this session with almost zero sunlight. As in, they were here for 45 minutes before the sun had gone completely behind the horizon… oh, and don’t forget… the TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR! 🙂 My ever-so-optimist self was starting to have a panic attack 🙂 THAT was when Jess turned to me and said, “Bobbi, we only need 3 photos… and we’re not worried about it…” WHA??!?! You just drove 4 hours in a car that can barely start and YOU’RE NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT??!?! OHHHH how awesome are you Miss Jess??!!? So, I gathered my bearings, put my creative hat on and we made it work!  Oh, and this one is my favorite ❗ Mike, for a good portion of this session, is literally holding two umbrellas… one for me and one for them.  Jess’ best friend and makeup artist Amanda came down for the session also. I REALLY don’t know what I would have done without her there… she was a HUGE help! When Mike couldn’t reach us both, Amanda was leaning over them with an umbrella while Mike had one over me.  Are you getting that mental picture? Yeah, it’s funny. Laugh. 😀

Luckily for all of us, I like to shoot with wide angle lenses pretty tight… made umbrella logistics just a weeeeee bit easier 🙂

Told you it was raining 😉 BOOOOM SHAKALAKA!!!! You see, we had a rendezvous point for meeting… a point that they were to meet us and then they’d follow us out to our pre-determined shooting spot. WELLLL… due to unforeseen circumstances… that rendezvous point was now our photo location. And WHERE would that be?! Oh… THE PARKING LOT OF A STRIP MALL!!!!! Yeah, creative hat on 😉

THEN… MIRACULOUSLY… for the lasssst ten minutes before the sun completely left us…. it quit raining. OHHHH THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE!!!! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!! We owe you, BIG time! 🙂 

How did I do that?! It’s very Wayne’s World, eh?

You’d be amazed at what you can find behind random strip malls. 😉

This kind of situation could NOT have happened to two more laid back people. Genuinely, from the bottom of my little heart, we can NOT thank you enough. I think I may have had a mental break down if you two hadn’t been so low maintenance and willing to do whatever… so, thank you thank you THANK YOU! Mikey’s favorite ❓

Love this 🙂 Don’t you!? OH YESSS YOU DOOO!!!! 😀 Wacky Bobbi strikes again! 😉



wedding: June 19, 2010 • valparaiso, ind.

together | 2.5 years

engaged | december 2008

jess | insurance • hometown | wheatfiled, ind.

brad | information technology • hometown | franklin, pa.


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


My rain attire. 🙂 That hat is SO Army Bobbi. I literally felt like I should start doing push ups. Took me RIGHT on back to those days.

How did I get so lucky?! OHHH how I love him!!!!!

See the towel? Yeah… that was for drying off our soaked equipment. mmmHMMM! This session was on a Monday. At the end of the session Mike put all of our cameras in their case and didn’t think much more about it. On Friday, as we were gathering things for our wedding the next day, he opened the case to SOAKED camera straps. Oh, and let me tell you… they smelled AMAZING! 😉

OH! THAT’S how I did it! 🙂 Yeah… we’re pretty hard core. That’s our FJ on the right 😀For those of you who’ve known me for a long time… you may have  heard me refer to myself as “Rats Nest Sheridan.” WELLLL… as you can see, I have some ridiculously thick hair and when I was in the Army, it was REEEEEALLY long.  When I don’t blow dry/flat iron it… it’s pretty frizzy… okay, it’s really frizzy. While in basic training/advanced training… the VERY least of my concerns was flat ironing my hair. I’d always put it into a low bun to fit with the hat. I was ALWAYS getting in trouble for having unruly hair. But SERIOUSLY, what the hell else was I supposed to do?! CUT IT!
Hellllll nooooo!  Thus, “Rats Nest Sheridan” 😀 Because I was wearing a pseudo army hat that evening… Mike captured the famous rats nest 😉 Just imagine a foot more of awesome thick frizzy hair in that bun 😉


❗ + ❓