I couldn’t be more excited to share these images with you! If you know me even 1% you know that photographing a family in their home is one of my very favorite things to do…. sessions like these fill my love tank like no other! 😀 Starting things off with one of my favorite images from the day. ❗01_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15But really…. is there anything better?! I’ll answer for you. No. Nothing better than this… 22_Bowersock_bbmk_2015Kurtis, Jen and I have been friends for at least seven years.  Before that I’m preeeeeeetty sure I was his waitress a few times when we were in college… (we all went to Indiana State University at the same time).03_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15I couldn’t love this trio more….
04_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15He’s the perfect boy.
05_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15Ohhhhh my gosh! This family?! AHHH!06_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf1507_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15A favorite… ❗ Jen, you’re such a beautiful momma bear!08_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf1509_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15When I photograph a family at home I try to do it in a way that makes you remember what it felt like…. not just what it looked like…
10_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15BENNNN!!!!! You are just the sweeeeeetest! 11_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15….what it felt like…. not just what it looked like. 🙂 I so adore this trio!12_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15THIS?! AH! AHHHH!!!13_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf1516_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf1514_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15ANOTHER FAVORITE! ❗17_IndianapolisLifestylePhotographer_bf15

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Indianapolis, Ind.

kurtis+jen  ::  married ~8 years • 11.3.07

How they met, as told by Kurtis  :: We met in the photography lab at Indiana State University. We started adjusting our schedules to spend more time near each other. And I finally built up the courage to ask her out on a date while she was in the dark room.

Jen ::  hometown – Indianapolis, Ind.  ::  photographer  ::  five words – Driven, Loving, Beautiful, Smart and Strong

Kurtis  ::  hometown – Terre Haute, Ind.  ::  photographer  ::  five words –  Creative, Hilarious, Dreamy, Compassionate and Gung-ho

Ben  ::  1 year old  ::  born 4.9.14  ::  five words – Curious, Sweet, Happy, Kind and Jolly

Your perfect Saturday  ::  An AM bike ride to Milktooth (fav restaurant), a stop at at a local park with a hike and luncheon, finished off with a glass of wine/beer.

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It was truly an honor to be asked to photograph your family… I can’t wait to do it again!

Keep being perfectly you…

Much love friends,

~bobbi ❗

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