These next two photos were taken within two minutes of each other. 





Jennifer had such an emotional day… she's SO cute! 













and THIS is how he asked her to marry him!  AYKM?!





London Bridges Falling Down… 🙂 She's actually getting ready for the dress, YAHOOOOOO!!!!!




















Butterflies were all over the place…









 The Roofless Church





Does this make you think of Super Troopers or is it just me?





THIS is TOTALLY them!  (Afterall, it was their idea) 😀














Mikey's favorite ❓













LOVE IT!!!!!





NEW HARMONY, Ind. Jennifer and Charles… OHHHHHH JENNIFER AND CHARLES!!!!! How we adore theeeeeeeee!!  Your wedding day was OH SO perfect in EVERY way!

They are one of the most laid back, go with the flow kind of couples we know 🙂 I'm not gonna lie… it was SCORCHINGLY hot outside… as in, seriously one of the HOTTEST days we've ever photographed a wedding in!  NOT ONCE did either of them complain for even a second.  They were both so excited about getting married that the heat never even seemed to matter.  WOWEEEE what an awesome day!  (to put it into perspective… it was the first time we photographed a wedding without our blazers, and if you know anything about me, you know that I avoid taking it off at allllll costs.  Why you ask?  The groom and groomsmen have to wear them… why should we get special treatment?  Furthermore, we're hot tamales in our suits! HA! 😉 ) 

So about that roofless church, HOW NEAT WAS THAT?!  That's actually where Charles proposed to her… so what better place to say, "I DO!" ?!  New Harmony was such a neat and unique place.  I don't know much about the history there but I do know that it used to be a Utopian community.   It's a very quiet small town where you'll find lots of tourists driving around in golf carts.  As we walked from point a to b… there were golf carts honking every 30 seconds… "CONGRATULATIONS!"  It was so cool.

RIGHT before they saw each other for the first time (before the ceremony), I drove her over and as SOON as we got out of the car to go see him… it started to rain.  A VERY light 2 minute drizzle… she screamed…. not a scream that most brides would scream… a HAPPY scream! "IT'S RAINING… IT'S RAINING… THIS COULDN'T BE MORE PERFECT!"  I was later told that it rains on all of their important days… so yes yes yes.. she's right, it couldn't have been more perfect. 🙂

Thank you SO much for sharing your love, your day, your friends, your family… with us 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Slide show time!  Click here!  The user name is Jen's last name, and the password is Chuck's last name in all lower case.

Also, coming soon…the full gallery! 


One of Jennifer's requests was they wanted to take a shadow shot on their wedding day.  The only way to do that without including our own shadows was to give Charles the camera.  So, he took some of just them.  Then Jennifer thought it would be a good idea to take a shadow shot of all of us for our traditional shot with the bride and groom that goes at the end of each post… so, Jennifer thought of it and Charles took it… so this was ALLLL THEM! 😀





We took some of them without Chuck's jacket.  Well… what do you do with a rented white jacket when you're outside? Put it on the ground?  NO WAY!  So what else was there to do but for me to put it on 🙂 





I got tired… 🙂