Meeeeeet Jen, James annnnnd Hannahhhh! 😀 Jen is a St. Louis-based photographer… (she came to our workshop a couple of years ago)… I was honored when she asked us to photograph her family. 🙂15_bobbimike_cf14The little lady’s name is Hannah… you know… a palindrome… (a word that is the same forwards and backwards)… I requested that she instead called me “BOB” so that we could BOTH be palindromes… nahhh… she decided that Mike and I weren’t given appropriate names. Hannah instead renamed me “Princess Mary” and Mike was renamed “Snazzi” (pronounced Snaz-Eye). I tell you what… that girl suuuure has a creative imagination!   Mike’s favorite. ❓75_CroweFam_bbmk_2014When I told her that “RACECAR” was a palindrome I think her mind was fully blown! 😀 Hannah is one in a million I tell ya. 🙂17_bobbimike_cf1418_bobbimike_cf14I love this photo of you Jen! 19_bobbimike_cf14These guys have so much fun together!20_bobbimike_cf14The two below are my favorites! ❗21_bobbimike_cf14Thanks  you guys for making the trip in from St Louis! It really meant a lot to us. 😀22_bobbimike_cf14

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Indianapolis, Ind.

jen+james  ::  married 20 years ::  August 13, 1994

How they met, as told by Jen  :: We met in the Navy at boot camp when we were 17. We met while painting the barracks. He knew who I was before I knew he existed. He wasn’t supposed to be painting that week but his friends told him I was there painting and he showed up!  We had a paint fight and the rest is history.

Jen ::  hometown – Pensacola, Fl.  ::  career – Photographer  ::  five words – loving, loyal, creative, foodie, strong 

James  ::  hometown – St. Charles, Mo.  ::  career – Finance Manager  ::  five words – hardworking, loyal, cheesy, adventurous, caring

Hannah  ::  9 years old  ::  five words – compassionate, creative, bookworm, silly, ocean lover 

Your perfect Saturday  ::   A day filled with fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding, & swimming, HA!!!  BUT since we live in the Midwest…..We love exploring small towns nearby.  Hiking in the early afternoon and then ending the day grilling and making smores and then catching fireflies!  It’s one of our favorite things to do as a family.  Then we end the day by coming inside and playing board games!

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Much love!

~princess mary + snazzi ❗ + ❓

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